AGON Sports & Events have announced their intention to stage an event on June 12 in Berlin, Germany - after receiving the green light to do so from the local senate.

Germany has been recovering well from the coronavirus pandemic. The country was hit hard when the pandemic first broke out.

The senate of Germany's capital approved the event application of AGON's Sports manager Dr. Strickrodt.

Under strict hygiene and safety regulations, AGON will conduct eight fights in Berlin's "Havelstudios" on the second Friday of next month.

Due to the coronavirus regulations of the senate, only individuals directly involved in the event - such as boxers, coaches and judges are allowed to participate. Spectators will not be allowed.

AGON's last event, with three championship fights scheduled, had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. As far as circumstances permit, AGON will make up for the cancelled championship fights on June 12th.

Jack Culcay will defend his WBO-International title and Bjorn Schicke his EBU-EU title. Vincenzo Gualtieri will tackle the German National championship.

AGON's CEO Ingo Volckmann is glad to be back in the ring -  "For us the event means a further step back to normal."

The fights will  be available with a “BILDplus” subscription on on June 12th, at 8:15 PM local time.