The International Boxing Association (IBA) has secured its budget for the upcoming 4-year cycle that allows the organization to have no barriers towards implementing all ambitious projects planned. This includes IBA’s events portfolio, prize money fund, Financial Support Program (FSP) and various development initiatives.   

The IBA continues to work with five Confederations, nearly 200 National Federations and thousands of boxers, coaches, and officials from around the globe.

The organization will not prevent anyone from participating in the Olympic Games or Olympic qualification events and welcomes all boxers and officials to IBA’s events regardless of their National Federation status.  

That said, some National Federations have parted ways with the IBA to join rival group World Boxing.

The IBA views World Boxing as a "paper-based entity" and alleges that several National Federations "are simply misled by a group of individuals professing to be a full-scale organization and implying that they have official recognition as an International Federation."

According to the IBA, their rival has not met the criteria to be officially recognized by SportAccord (umbrella organization for all International Federations).

The IBA explains that an agreement with WADA is among the required criteria, and that agreement requires 3 years of existence and at least 3 international competitions held in 3 years with top international athletes. Once fulfilled, an entity would need up to 2 years for SportAccord/AIMS membership. There could be a CAS appeal as there is a conflict of interests with the IBA. Then, the Olympic recognition process that may take from 2 to 4 years.