Eddie Hearn, promoter for heavyweight contender Anthony Joshua, rejected the recent talk from WBC world champion Tyson Fury - who recently stated that he would fight Joshua for free.

"This is re-confirmation of what I've said about fighting Anthony Joshua for f--- all in England. That's how the fight happens, I'll sign the contract today, the fight has got to be for free, free-to-air television and all tickets go for free. No money is to be made out of this British historic fight if it happens," Fury stated on social media.

"There's the terms, I'm in the driving seat, take it or f------- leave it. The ball is in your court guys, take or leave it, I don't give a damn. There's the offer, peace out."

Back in April, Fury knocked out mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte to retain the WBC strap. In the aftermath, Fury vowed to retire from the sport.

However, a few weeks ago Fury stated that he would return to the ring if the money was around $500,000.

"I'd probably want half a billion to come out of retirement. I'm telling you the truth, if you want me out of retirement it's going to cost half a billion," Fury told Talk Sport.

"AJ's bubble's been burst, he's been beat twice. He isn't a virgin anymore, he's been battered from pillar to post by a fat man on three weeks' notice and by a middleweight. If it's half a billion, then I won't say no, will I?"

Hearn does not believe Fury's statements about doing anything in the ring for free.

He does, however, expect Fury to fight for the right sum of money. 

"He's a genius, Tyson Fury, because no one ever questions what he says. On the one hand, he said you've got to pay him $500 million to come out of retirement, and in the next sentence, he says he will fight AJ for free on non-PPV. It's absolutely brilliant," Hearn told The DAZN Boxing Show.

"The only way Tyson Fury's going to fight again is for a bucket load of money, and Tyson Fury will go to Timbuktu or Mars for a bucket load of money."