Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn remains frustrated that Gervonta Davis has refused to negotiate for a proposed fight with Conor Benn

Davis revealed Hearn’s initial offer on X, which was sent with an invitation for further talks. The letter stated Davis would receive a guaranteed $10 million and an upside percentage of PPV and gate receipts.

“I was just trying to be good for the sport and beat ya ass in ya home town, but the spoon-fed white boy keep trying to cheat me outta my f****** money b****,” Davis posted on X, regarding the offer, and Hearn.

Following Saturday’s Edgar Berlanga-Padraig McCrory event in Florida, Hearn commented on the failed discussions.

“I didn’t say that I offered him $25 million,” Hearn told IFLTV. “I said I offered him eight figures, which is $10 million plus an upside on PPV and the gate receipts. I think he could make somewhere between $15 million and $25 million for that fight with Conor Benn.”

Hearn was puzzled by Davis’ refusal to even speak about a possible fight with Benn, suggesting that Tank may not fully understand the terms of the offer.

“I said in the email that I want to sit down with you and explain the PPV upside and the gate upside,” Hearn added. “But he doesn’t even want to entertain those conversations because he just gets bad advice. Why wouldn’t you have a conversation about it?

“He doesn’t even know what an upside on PPV and the gate even are. He really should have a sit-down, have a chat and hear an explanation about what he could make financially.”

Hearn urged Davis to reconsider, insisting that if a fight with Benn was straightforward, then the Baltimore star might at least discuss the opportunity. 

“If he feels a fight against Conor Benn is an easy fight, then he should be having those conversations,” Hearn said. “You send him an offer, and he puts it up on Twitter. It’s baby stuff.”