Eddie Hearn’s confidence in a proposed fight between Anthony Joshua and WBC titlist Tyson Fury is waning fast.

Hearn, the head of Matchroom Boxing, has been reviewing a contract for the pivotal all-British heavyweight showdown since he received it from Frank Warren’s Queensberry Promotions last week — but Hearn, while still somewhat positive that the fight can happen, has been dismayed by Fury’s recent outburst on social media and the fact that the contract was “all over the place.”

Fury posted a video on his Instagram Friday calling Joshua a “sausage” for having still not signed the contract.

“We’ve all agreed to work hard on the contracts,” Hearn told iFL TV. “Listen, we got the contract last Friday or Saturday and it was all over the place. Since then we’ve had calls as recent as yesterday getting it in the right place.

“Just by his message (Fury), I don’t know. I think they want us to run out of time a little bit.”

Hearn said he did not appreciate being rushed to sign a contract for such a gargantuan fight. Earlier this week, Warren insisted that he needed a response from Hearn by the “end of this week.”

“We’re not going to sign a contract that isn’t in its correct format and isn’t in the best interest of Anthony Joshua,” Hearn said. “And that’s not for people to say ‘what are they asking for too much’ the terms are agreed. We agreed to those terms. But now we have to go into a position of negotiating with broadcasters. Honestly, hand on heart, what I think Tyson Fury is going to do [is], ‘oh, this is taking too long.’ The fight’s on December 3rd.

"The fight, by the way, can sell itself in 24 hours. We’re under no time constraints, like it has got to be done today or tomorrow. It has got to be right. We want the fight. AJ’s in camp for that fight. I just — when I see things like that (Fury video) — I liked it when everybody was quiet, because I thought they actually want the fight. And then he (Fury) comes out today (with his insults) — I don’t know."

“We’re still moving forward hoping that fight gets done,” Hearn said.

Despite his general optimism, Hearn said he believes Fury will be fighting Mahmoud Charr on Dec. 3rd instead of Joshua.

“Tyson Fury is saying ‘sign the contract,’” Hearn said. “It took 10 days to send the contract, or eight or nine days. All of a sudden [they say] 'we want it signed now' when it (the contract) was all over the place. We’ll see. My gut feeling is Tyson Fury is getting ready to fight Mahmoud Charr and this whole thing is just [a show]— but I hope I’m wrong.”

“The way that I read (the situation) is that Matchroom and Queensberry are doing their best to try and make this fight,” Hearn added. “It is complicated. DAZN and BT still have to get into it. And that’s coming or starting.”