Eddie Hearn, promoter of undisputed lightweight world champion Katie Taylor, has interest in matching his fighter in a boxing clash against Holly Holm or Cris Cyborg.

Both Holm and Cyborg have expressed interest in facing Taylor in a boxing match.

Taylor was in action back in April, when she picked up a ten round split decision win over Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Holm, who was recently inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, was a very accomplished boxer who captured several world titles before crossing over full-time to MMA.  

Her current contract with the UFC is nearly finished up.

Cyborg, one of the top female fighters in MMA, is under contract with Bellator but has the ability to take part in a boxing match.

“There’s two fights that I find really interesting — one is Holly Holm and one is Cris Cyborg. Holly Holm is a very good boxer. Cyborg can also box, has great power, doesn’t quite have the boxing résumé of Holly Holm, but they’re big crossover fights. I think Holly Holm has a fight left with the UFC, which would make that difficult to do. Cyborg I think has a Bellator agreement, but it doesn’t cross over into boxing. So just some friendly chats — she was at the show at Madison Square Garden — but no real negotiations. But definitely a fight that I would be interested in for a number of different reasons," Hearn told The MMA Hour.

“Something different and fun. You get to Katie Taylor’s stage in her career and you start looking at other fights and it’s like, what can you do now? So it’s like, is it Holly Holm in Vegas or Cyborg in Vegas, or something in Dublin?”

Hearn explained that circulating reports of Taylor-Cyborg are premature.

He admits that Cyborg, although inexperienced in boxing, is a very dangerous opponent.

"The thing I don’t like about the Cyborg fight is she’s big and strong. Katie would have to go up. She would have to fight above 140, which she can’t really do, but Cyborg has a massive problem fighting Taylor because — she doesn’t mind, but in terms of the fight itself, you’re talking about a pound-for-pound great," Hearn said.

"Katie has a problem because of the strength of Cyborg. That’s what makes that fight interesting. ... She’s going to be 20 pounds heavier, or close to it, on the night [of the fight]. I just think it’s something different and Katie’s earned the right. It’s not an exhibition, it’s not like we’re just having a joke fight. These are dangerous females and it just brings a new fan base to the sport.”