Harlem Eubank is happy to play the role of the quiet man on the British super-lightweight scene while Adam Azim and Dalton Smith are being ‘built like superstars’.

Eubank, 29, returns to the ring for the first time in 2023 on Friday night when he takes on Miguel Antin at London’s York Hall.

It will be his sixth fight in an 18-month period and the next step on a path towards the top of the division that has been gathering momentum with every victory,

Eubank is aligned with Wasserman and this fight will be broadcast on Channel 5, but there are other 140lb stars making noise on two of the other major platforms in the UK.

Dalton Smith, the current British champion, has been tipped as a future world champion and signed a new multi-fight deal with Matchroom in December which means he will box on DAZN. Over on Sky, meanwhile, hot prospect Adam Azim has raced to 8-0 (6) since joining Boxxer.

But Eubank, cousin of Chris Jr, believes he has faced better opposition than both of those men across his 16-fight career and does not expect either of their teams to be desperate to make a fight with him.

He said: “Honestly, It’s hard to say whether or not we will all fight.

“I feel like both of those individuals in particular are being built like superstars so I don’t feel like fights with me will happen any time soon. But things can change. 

“I feel like they’re being built on individual paths and being matched accordingly. I’m just really in my own lane and focusing on developing so when those nights and big fights come I’m ready to make the statement that will shock the casuals.

“For a fact I know I’ve faced better opposition than them already. I’ve been doing the work, progressing and overcoming tougher challenges so I think I’m in a good position. 

“Promotion is one thing but doing the work is another. I know that regardless of that promotion and where it places you in the eyes of the public, I know my position and I’m very confident among my division and I’m looking at the guys at the top to be honest.

“It’s been a slow and steady ascent for me and I’ve been building as I go. I feel like I’m in good stead for these dangerous fights against good opposition. I want to show the British public what I can do.”

Friday night will be another opportunity for Eubank to do exactly that a week after Lyndon Arthur’s clash with Boris Crighton was watched by 1.5 million on Channel 5.

It is a big moment for the Brighton man who has operated outside of the limelight for much of his career to date.

“2022 was a great building for me,” he added. “Before that I hadn’t had a great opportunity to show what I can do but I could really build last year. I gained good experience last year. I feel like I’m improving technically every fight. 

“A lot of the styles I’ve been fighting haven’t been to showcase what I can do but to overcome different challenges that I may face down the line. I’ve had opposition where I can really practice things that I might not be best at.

“My opponent on Friday is a come-forward tall Mexican who comes to win and he’s already upset a few prospects so I’m expecting a tough fight.

“My mindset is ultimately, as long as you’re building the skill set, everything else around that will come in time. I’ve had to channel out anything that goes against that because I know that the skill set is what matters and that’s what will bring the opportunity.

“Friday is about me putting everything I’ve worked on into practice.”