Lightweight contender Gary Cully is not making any excuses for last Saturday's shocking outcome in his fight with Jose Felix.

At 3Arena in Dublin, Cully was unexpectedly knocked out in three rounds by Felix, who was entering the ring with back to back defeats to Sandor Martin and Tyrone McKenna.

The fight was the co-featured attraction to Katie Taylor's unsuccessful challenge of junior welterweight champion Chantelle Cameron.

In the third round, Felix badly hurt and dropped Cully with a big hook. A moment later, a series of big punches put Cully down for a second time. Felix would pound him with more big punches until the corner threw in the towel.

Cully has promised to learn from his first career defeat and come back stronger in his next fight. 

He wants to eventually get revenge against Felix, but it remains to be seen if the 6'2 fighter can continue making the lightweight limit of 135-pounds.

“One of the reasons I believe I’ve had success in life is because of my ability to deal with and come back from losses and setbacks. If you think I will let a loss define me then you have a lot to learn about me. Wins and losses are a part of life and a part of success. Everybody has them from time to time," Cully stated.

“Thing about my bad days is they get shown across the world to thousands of people. It’s the fight game, sh!t happens, that’s it. Saying that, I am a high performance athlete and I hold myself to high standards at all times. Saturday night wasn’t high performance and wasn’t good enough from me by any means.

“I am fully responsible for my bad performances just as much as I am the good ones and I am also responsible for learning from it and making it right. I woke up fresh on Monday morning and got right back to work to put it right. If you’re writing me off, thank you. You’re the motivation now. Congratulations to Jose Felix and his team, best believe I’m coming to get it back.”