WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was an interested observer in Dillian Whyte's recent rematch win over Alexander Povetkin, which took place last month in Gibraltar.

Last August at Matchroom's Fight Camp in Brentwood, Povetkin scored a brutal fifth round knockout of Whyte.

After several delays, the two boxers stepped in the ring for their anticipated rematch.

This time around, Whyte dominated the action and stopped Povetkin in four rounds.

Povetkin, 41-years-old, was a distant shadow of his prime form.

The Olympic gold medal winner was off-balance throughout the fight, stumbling and unable to get off with his punches.

After the fight, Povetkin's handers blamed his poor form on the after-effects of COVID-19. Povetkin battelled the illness for at least two months and at one point was hospitalized to assist with the recovery.

With the victory, Whyte walked away with the WBC's interim-title - which puts him in line for a world title shot in 2022 at the earliest.

While Fury credited Whyte for the win, he also felt Povetkin had the appearance of a finished fighter.

"I watched it. I thought he did well and avenged his loss, fair play to him," Fury told Behind The Gloves.

"He can only beat who's in front of him, but to be honest with you though, Povektin looked 110 years old, he looked finished. He had no legs underneath him. But still, they all take knocking out, so fair play. I'm not here to slate anybody's performances. I didn’t slate him when he got chinned and I'm not going to slate him now he has won. So fair play to the guy."