Former super middleweight champion Carl Froch, 45-years-old, would be more than willing to step in the ring with UFC superstar Conor McGregor.

The two athletes have exchanged words several times in the past.

During a recent interview, in the lead-up to Katie Taylor's challenger of Chantelle Cameron, McGregor made it known that he could easily slap Froch in the face.

Last year, McGregor vowed to twist Froch's head off his shoulders.

"That Froch tick, little scrawny pencil neck," McGregor stated. "I’ll grab his head and twist it clean off at a oner with my bare hands. Little wally of a thing. I’ll slap you around you little toffee nose tosspot."

Froch, who retired from the sport nine years ago, would be more than happy to give McGregor a go in a boxing match.

“I’d probably have a roll around with Conor McGregor,” Froch said to Talk Sport. “I’d like Conor McGregor to get into the boxing ring because he’s running his mouth a bit lately.

“And he’s got Eddie Hearn cheerleading him in the background, laughing at every crap joke he cracks, that’s getting a bit boring to listen. I think that’d be a good fight."

Froch made it clear that while he's willing to face someone like McGregor or Jake Paul, he would not entertain the idea of returning to the ring for a bout with an active, solid pro.

“I’d never fight somebody like Callum Smith or any of the light heavyweights. I’m realistic, I retired when I was 37 nearly, I retired because I couldn’t do it any more. The desire was gone, the injuries were catching up with me, I had a young family at home, I couldn’t compete at world level anymore," Froch said.

“So to answer your question – no, I wouldn’t box again in a professional capacity. But I don’t consider a fight with somebody like Jake Paul a professional boxing match. It’s almost like a white collar fight for me."