Jake Paul was enraged over the outcome of KSI's most recent fight, which ended with a controversial second round knockout of Joe Fournier.

At the OVO Arena Wembley in London, KSI collided in the ring with the 40-year-old Fournier, who has an unbeaten 9-0 record as a pro, with all of the wins ending by knockout.

During the second round, it initially appeared that KSI knocked Fournier out with a two-punch combination - but several replays clearly showed an elbow connecting with Fournier's jaw, which sent him down and out.

Paul, who is KSI's rival, believes the fight should have been changed to a no-contest or disqualification.

"I respect boxing too much to respect what that was. If that was indeed a real boxing match it will be ruled a no contest or disqualification," Paul stated on social media.

Fournier agrees, and wants the fight to be overturned. 

He raised a solid point, about getting a fair shake when you step in the ring with the actual promoter of the fight.

“He cheated, it's clear, you've all seen the replays. He hit me with a clean elbow. When you're fighting the promoter on his own show - I've never been cheated like that," Fournier told Fred Talks Fighting.

After the fight, KSI called for a showdown with unbeaten light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury.

"I want this, I want to do what Jake Paul couldn't; knock you out," KSI said to Fury.

After trading words in the ring, Fury shoved KSI and a scuffle broke out in the ring.