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also for diet, i don't have a set diet everyday but more often than not i'll take in the same macros just different food. i definitely lack in veggies... i don't mind eating them but i for some strange reason i just never got around to going out of my way for them. i will go on a salad craze now and then, but that's it. that is why i take ultra fiber for.

this an example of today's diet.

for breakfast i had:
1 can of salmon (240cal,37gram of protein), half a slice of pita (60cal), with shawarma sauce (50cal)

for lunch i just had:
1 can of salmon (240cal,37gram of protein) w/ shawarma sauce again, a slice of pita (120cal), half a cup of cottage cheese, 2 glasses of protein blend with banana.

my next meal will be before going to the gym:
i'll probably have either a slice of pita again or maybe white rice, with whatever my mom will cook.

after the gym:
some more cottage cheese, and maybe a glass of protein shake

This is actually around 300 or so calories more than i've been having the past 2 weeks. today is leg day though, and also doing some sets with the deadlifts so i'm going to need the energy.
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