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Dangerous and toxic gym member from hell!!!!

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    Originally posted by DesertPrince View Post
    Almost a year ago ,
    a new guy join our gym with zero background ,
    like many novice he sparr very hard , extremly hard.
    when we paried and i forced to work with this insane guy , in his first lesson with a zero knowledge he started to teach me in a through how a drill a coach give without know what is jab or cross

    Iv'e thought to myself it's a matter of time he will be changed with the times or he will leave soon.. but unfortunately he become more and more dreadfull gym member from hell
    his behavior are very disrepsctfull!!!!drain all of the energy and the good vibes!!

    But what make him much more terrible is that during the sparring began he started to talking **** meanwhile we sparred said insulting comments on me

    He comes to people in his first week little bit before class began when we use to sit and making our small talk , to lecture us that we dont have a clue how to learn to fight and the correct way to learn to box is to get from the coach is to give each and every other a personal program that fit to us , and the group training is a waste of the , he was very sure on himself and say he know what does he said - problem is that he still keep talking such kind of nonsense and newbie come and he misleading them

    When we paired , you guys , know sometimes we clash with each pair when we work (small studio) he frequently clash with me very hard - never say sorry , it's not a big deal but when it done maliciously , it another thing.

    In our gym we are the stuendt open the gym starting the warm up by ourselfs , he never let anyone do it , always try to fail and embarass the person who stood in front of the class always try to fix and say he doing things wrong.

    The guy almost boxing for a year and he still he still fighting in sparring like sparr on his life on the stack , he injured the novice
    and even before the session he telling our coach is that he so much looking to smash our faces.
    there isn't one class that we sparr and iv'e hear in the background meanwhile we sparred an very loudly noise of punch , and everyone stop to work and watch the guy freaking out on people - the coach tell him to cool down and he refuse.

    After couple of rounds with him when the class end he asking me to still sparr with him and i never refused - but the guy fight with me like fight for his life!!! that's insane the coach didn't remove him from the gym!!

    after i'm doing a sparring session with him after the class end he demand with me to continue sparr with him , and it feel like he call me out - leave the fact that i'm always beat him up everytime he try me..

    I'm trying to avoid him and ask him if he want to work with another person he refuse and insiste to work with me.

    Even when we doing drilling he lectures me like he's my instrctor , i'm more skillful and exprienced then him , there is no chance i'm doing more then a one movement and he must have something to say - since i more expreinced them him i know he misleading me , and i call the coach to see if things he say correct ... merly ..

    i'M one of presistent of the gym and my coach asking me to replace him when he abscence , this toxic student don't let me pass the class , he want to be , and he playing a very low mind control game ,he trying in very disrespectful to wave me off as a subtitute coach in front of everyone and make look bad in front of everyone , and parent of the youth guys, it's a very embaress!!

    It's a shame and disgrace that a guy with under year of expereince took that roll of a. coach , specially when he did it with a very disgusting way , there is way to get that roll (we a kind of tradition in our gym)

    I dont know what to do to stay in my club or Move to another boxing club , in my area not many gyms are teach very high level and have the same attitude i'm used to train.

    this guy ruined my half , after almost a year with him i lost my sane , just wanted to share it and get some advice and you views ...

    Sorry i've been mumbled , i don't have any words to say what i'm thinking about it , the guy is from hell !! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!
    Want your support to bring back my sanity.
    Have a sane weekend guys!
    He sounds like he is that poster, Zaroku?


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      Sorry didn't got you mate


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        Originally posted by abracada View Post
        He sounds like he is that poster, Zaroku?
        Or my college roommate... LOL