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Boxing coach:Two ways to throw a right hand: ANGLE or straight

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  • Boxing coach:Two ways to throw a right hand: ANGLE or straight

    Thought some users might need to see this

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    Originally posted by Rockin'

    How many sanctioned bouts have you had? ..............Rockin'
    Oh, I would never win a sanctioned bout.

    Here's me jab

    Did you like my Irish grammar?
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      I have problem with breathing though. Cant't find a way to make that relaxed. Any suggestions?


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        Originally posted by Rockin'

        Yes, spar as much as you can.

        You'll either start swimming or just sink to the bottom.

        Do you exhale with just about every shot that you throw? ................Rockin'
        It doesn't help. The breating is poorly distributed.


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          Originally posted by Rockin'

          So you have physical disabilities that hamper your oxygen intake?

          I guess. Here Franz goes into depth about different crosses.


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            Originally posted by billeau2

            Is that you my friend? That is a good observation about the relationship between release and the arc of the shot. One sticky situation with a cross and with a reverse punch in karate... is the reach of the blow which is not much. In the older boxing the punches from the back hand were usually thrown with an arc towards the body and all... You could use the standard lead or throw the punch with a lunge, pretty much a fencing lunge with no difference. This gave you extension, you sacrificed the sink/rotation for the force coming forwards in a straight line, and instead of sinking you took an aggressive step, trying to let the hand land simultaneously with the forward foot.

            The nice thing about this lunge was it gave you some distance on the shot. It could generate great power but one had to be very accurate.
            No that's a boxing trainer. This is me

            You are absolutelty right . One of the reason boxing punches are more powerful is due to greater reach of the punch But it's also due superior shoulder and back activation. There are downsides to it, though .
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              This is just semantics. But I don't think the angle punch the boxing trainer threa is a's a cross..

              The straight One is a straight right ..