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Opinions on Toronto gyms?

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  • Opinions on Toronto gyms?

    Is anyone out there familiar with the boxing scene in Toronto? Do you have an opinion on any of the following gyms?

    - Florida Jacks
    - Cabbagetown Boxing Club
    - Sully's
    - Centre Ring

    I'm new to the sport -- major novice. I'm looking for a place that's serious about training fighters and relatively affordable. Any other suggestions are welcome.

    I'd also appreciate any general advice on how to chose a gym.

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    I just saw your post in the other thread asking about how you can tell which gyms are mainly for fitness and which ones are for serious training.

    Can't say about the other two, but Sully's and Cabbage Town are definitely both serious boxing gyms.


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      I started to really get into boxing just before the pandemic started. Throughout all of the lockdowns in toronto I have been grinding at home. I don't have much space since i live in an apartment. All I can do is run, shadow box, lift some weights I got a double end bag but that's all I have room for. I was really hoping by this time to have a couple of fights in but with all these restrictions I don't even know who to reach out to. The rest of the world has gone back to normal and we are still in lockdown. I get it people are just trying to be safe. I just need some help. So I am hoping someone reads this and can lead me in the right direction.


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        I learnt to box in cabbage town it was a great club. Sully ’s is of course very good well but I was from the east end of town so I have my loyalty.