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Comments Thread For: Parker: If Fury Believes He'll Stop Joshua in Three - I'm Sure He Can

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    Originally posted by DougalDylan View Post
    I like Fury but he needs to stop this fantasy about his stopping power. His best victory in 3 was Tom Schwartz, Joshua is worse than Tom Schwartz?

    Some really bad boxers have gone the distance with Fury.

    Fury will **** him up and his power is good when he removes the filling


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      I do not think it will be in 3 as it usually takes until rounds 5-7 for AJ to start gassing out and looking for his second wind. I think if Fury applies the same pressure he gave Wilder in the rematch he may pull it off in 3. AJ is strong and just as big as Fury but it is also his biggest weakness. All those muscles and yet he cannot take a punch. I do not see AJ with good enough footwork or defense to trouble Fury long enough to do any real damage.


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        Fury could land hard counters to the side of AJ's head for an early stoppage. He could also pound on his body over many rounds, knocking the air out of his lungs and forcing an exhausted AJ to take a knee late in the fight.