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  • Comments Thread For: Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santa Cruz: Afterthoughts

    It was a statement victory. Following his win over Jose Pedraza in 2017, it's fair to say the handlers of Gervonta Davis held serve on his opposition. His best wins the last few years, including now Leo Santa Cruz, have been men whose best days were probably in divisions below Jr. lightweight.
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    Now we understand why Edward Hearn tried to lure Davis to the blockbuster video boxing app with such exuberance. Davis sells
    Tickets, is a ppv fighter, with KOs that go viral....and the list of celebs posting about his wins was impressive. It appears Tank is having a true AMERICAN TAKEOVER


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      Leo is a volume puncher and he definitely had to do that with GTD in front him to keep him at bay as long as he could. But GTD showed me something, he was patient and made adjustments where he moved his jab more to keep Leo running into to it until he got used to his volume. Also the body shots started to get to Leo and kept throwing the uppercut at different angles to time Leo. Yea he took some punches but he made adjustments and that was the difference. He will be a problem for any of the top guys including TEo


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        What I take away from the fight is Tank needs to stay at 130 and try to clean out the division. Tank is the biggest draw in the division right now so he should get any fight he wants.

        My guess is Farmer is next (in house cash grab standard after a big PPV win) and then he needs to fight the Berchelt/Davis winner.

        Leo should take 4-6 months off, and then take a comeback to see where he is, then do the Frampton trilogy.

        130 has a ton of really good potential fights between now and the end of 2021.


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          I'm all in for Davis vs. GRJ! They gotta do it for the DMV! I think GRJ is better than LSC, and I think LSC knows that, so he went for broke...and got broken! Stevenson would be nice, another Lopez vs. Loma type of match up, but Bob has his table set, with Herring vs. Frampton and the WBO title shot! Tank vs. Kingry MUST have fans! BIG, BIG, FIGHT!


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            When do the ppv numbers come out. I agree with above post, lots of celebs were talking about this


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              Sales job

              When this young man fights a live body that is not a smaller fighter? I'll hold my opinion on his greatness. Right now Mayweather using him as a ATM machine. Running hard from the 135 pounders.


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                Easy to get kos against chinny midgets.
                His ko went viral because of the aesthetics, not quality.
                Cucks and blm love watching their heroes blast out chinny mexican midgets.

                They would do it against spanish fighters the same size, but they would get trucked and that ko wouldnt go viral.
                Instead blm would shoot up a liquor store.


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                  Tank needs to stay at 130 and Take out Berchelt, Shakur, before moving to 135 imo.

                  Imagine that, KO reel of both those names, than going to 135 clean that division out, with Ryan Garcia, Haney, and Meet Lopez for a super fight at 140.

                  Super Fight vs Lopez in 2023 is very possible.


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                    Notice none of the Tank fans are pushing for a Teo or Haney fight.