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Comments Thread For: Best Way To Enhance Lopez's Emerging Profile? Challenge Manny Pacquiao

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    Lol will manny even fight again. He’s a busy inactive old man


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      Originally posted by kidbazooka View Post
      I would love this fight perfect fight to pass the torch to Teo.
      If Lopez fights pac and wins, he better do it convincingly.

      If he gets a close decision victory Pac-A-Maniacs are going to question PACs loss, spoon23 will come outta hibernation and make slow motion videos for years to come!


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        Nobody who beats Pacquiao would be enhanced by it. Their bank accounts would, but they really won’t. Nobody would care. Jeff Horn beat Pacquiao and where is he at now.

        Lopez has to just keep fighting top guys at 135-140 and become big by beating them and continuing to show his character, which will bring him fans and critics alike.


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          Originally posted by Eff Pandas View Post
          Why do you think Manny would care about being #1 at a division 2 divisions lower than where he's fought at for 11 years?

          Why do you think he'd want to go down to 135 where he hasn't fought at since he was in his 20's?

          Why do you think he could even make that weight still?

          There is no upside to leaving 147 where Manny is still a player to fight a lesser name for less money & in a less prestigious & exciting division.

          If Manny had lost to Thurman than maybe I could see the argument for going down in weight to 140, but I don't see the argument for going down to 135 ever.

          In that context and just to challenge this author, Teo should pull Manny’s playbook and go after Brandon Rios or Broner or Mathysse or Vargas or fight Jr WW and WW guys at catchweights. That would be the best way forward and it would certainly cement Teo as an ATG just like Manny.


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            teofimo vs the winner of santa cruz/ tank at 135.


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              Pacquiao is not the answer. Fighting Haney and the Davis and clearing out 140 is.


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                Bullchit score cards

                The writer.."But when the 12th round arrived, the youngster proved he belonged". Pffft
                Loma won the 12th, Teo was MISSING a lot of punches and Lomas punches were more precise. It looks like when Teo threw anything compubox added it as a punch. NO WAY did lopez land that many punches. I watched it in slow mo. Even doe Loma started late I gave Loma 6 rounds and Teo 6 rounds. That chit was a draw fellas.


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                  This thread proves ALL roads lead to Manny Pacquiao, not Fraud "Im a protected fraud coward" Floydweather.

                  Fraud weather is begging McGregor for a rematch and setting up the Japanese patsy so he's not retired. For this fan to suggest Lopez call out Floyd Fraud weather proves all roads lead to Money Manny Pacquiao.


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                    No 140, Manny earned it to fight at 147

                    Originally posted by kidbazooka View Post
                    I would love this fight perfect fight to pass the torch to Teo.
                    If they fight @_147 their wouldn't be no passing the torch lol. Only if they do pac wrong and I really believe they will cause boxing needs an American star badly.


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                      Originally posted by RGJTMMRDCMJRJSM View Post
                      After Teo becomes undisputed at 140 then maybe I can see it.
                      Lmao Taylor, Ramirez, Regis,Barios would beat Teo. He isnt going to be the undisputed champ my man. Teo is good but he would get smashed.