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    Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
    If you look at the number of suscribers to sky sports, ifl tv etc that will tell you pretty quickly that the dazn suscribers are overwhelmingly british.
    Originally posted by Inspired View Post
    dazn's youtube channel is very limited for us brits. ive clicked on content posted here before and it won't play for me.
    Yep it's region blocked in the UK. The poster is a moron though.


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      Originally posted by Randall Cunning View Post
      That coincided with the forum being taken over by CBS, all anti-Hearn and DAZN since then
      Yep. All i did was drop the fact that DAZN has 8 mil subs and it got BPP going.


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        Originally posted by James Hunt View Post
        Considering SHO is de facto out of boxing, is there still an incentive for CBS (also owes CBS)* to continue owning BoxingScene?
        Originally posted by OctoberRed View Post

        Showtime still has TWO MORE YEARS on their PBC deal. If they get out, it won't be until late next year.

        What does CBS and Showtime having boxing have to do with the other?

        CBS owns like 30 websites out there, from comics to video games, to CNET, to sports sites. BoxingScene is one more web property in their portfolio. As long as an asset makes money, what else would they care about?
        CBS owes SHO*


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          Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post
          Bro....the same people who are praying dazn succeeds are the same people who were doomsaying PBC left and right. You inevitably have to ask WHY the difference....especially while at the time PBC was totally free for the consumer, which was far cheaper than an app. The truth is they wanted it to fail because a black American has at the helm, the same people who wanted “til this day” want him to fail especially because they see him as the main competition for a white English promoter in the USA.
          We know what this is all about, this is the USA, where various groups have been calling out racism for centuries rather than pretending it doesn’t exist to keep it going like in another country that needs no mentioning....particularly in the Brexit era....
          ok let me say this from a neutral perspective....and i half expect you to purposely ignore me and come out with some bs.
          if you're even remotely honest you'll know im right.

          im neither black or white...and i was pro al haymon when GBP ran the game...and here's the best fking bit..
          one of the biggest reasons i was anti GBP is because they were fking up Wilder's career.
          they had him on the amir khan undercard in sheffield in 2013.
          just try to think about that for a 2013, aged 27 he was beating audley harrison on an amir card undercard in man? amir khan is younger than him. 6ft7 knock out artist on the undercard of a **** amir khan who'd got battered by danny garcia and where he was fighting a relative nobody in a tune up fight he also struggled in.

          Where i changed my views about the pbc/al haymon was the entire narrative of wilder vs aj.
          i saw the way the pbc operates, like a cult, through sheer lies, repetition/propaganda. to a level ive not seen in any sport before.

          schaeffer, who is an EH hater, if you youtube his name a lot of his vids are him hating EH/dazn.
          so this guy reacts to Wilder getting offered $12.5m (which is more than he earnt vs tyson fury..despite claiming fury is better than aj and the 'lineal champion')and says 'the fight does $100m revenue, EH needs to offer more money, 50% is fair'

          context...anyone with half a brain knows the context referred to the wembley fight eg 'EH needs to offer more money'
          AJ responds within that context
          'they're saying it does $100m, give me $50m up front and ill take the fight'...and in the context that is basically telling the other side to put their money where their mouth is instead of coming up with fantasy numbers.

          next thing
          'we've made you a $50m offer, if you dont say 'wilder i accept your offer' on video within 24 hours, we'll know you're a coward'

          AJ: let's go...
          EH: we're definately interested, let's set up a meeting, let's talk

          we know what happened next.
          you get an espn/dan rafael article with finkle saying 'there's no rematch if aj loses, it's when/where wilder chooses'
          totally diff context/terms to what was in the pipeline.

          aswell as 'we wont show you the contract unless you say i accept'

          EH: in NY law, a verbal agreement on camera is legally binding.
          (as in aj cant just blindly accept that, they need to show what's in the contract).

          turns into this 'but he said 50m, here's 50m' (even though we know what aj said what a context to it).

          we've since had the likes of lennox lewis and evander holyfield blagging about it claiming aj ducked him.

          Now it gets worse
          espinoza knew about canelo vs ggg negotations, aj/eh didn't. if espinoza knew then wilder/finkle etc knew. so they derailed the talks until canelo vs ggg was announced for mid september 18..
          then espinoza told EH 'we cant have 2 superfights on ppv on showtime in the same month, please move it'
          knowing that once EH moves it...Wilder has the perfect excuse to duck.
          even though we knew it would be in october at cardiff in front of 80k.

          it gets even worse
          when povetkin was announced and EH moved that to september at wembley..
          wilder was like 'dey lieded..dey seded dey cant do da big castle..but dey dideded for povetkin'

          this isnt about fking colour man. schaeffer, espinoza arent black...they are all involved in this bs.

          oh it gets even worse.
          you get frank warren saying 'i saw the contract, guaranteed 80, if aj lost he was going to get 30m for the rematch, it would have been on BT SPORTS'

          and he said this with finkle next to him laughing and agreeing..

          furthermore, AJ is black, whyte is black...and the lgbt cult hates them.
          this has nothing to do with colour.


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            I'm not sure what's happened to me but i have no desire to read an article by this dude. I listened to an interview he did recently with boxing social and it was quite insightful actually! I just get "would sell soul for a story" vibes from the guy and that's rare for me because i'm usually pretty open minded with people.


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              Originally posted by Inspired View Post

              im neither black or white... (... )
              ... then you must be ginger... right?


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                Looking forward to the part II of this article where Hauser drops some more knowledge. Well done Boxingscene well done....this is outstanding boxing journalism by the legendary Hauser, the Columbia University law grad who has been nominated for the Boxing Hall of Fame and has been awarded numerous top accolades for his long career in boxing journalism and authored the Muhammad Ali biography. Well done indeed, gentlemen!


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                  Quality article, good insight.
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                    Originally posted by Randall Cunning View Post
                    That coincided with the forum being taken over by CBS, all anti-Hearn and DAZN since then
                    yeah it's interesting how hauser's biases changed in recent time

                    he's the one who broke the news about whyte's failed test isn't he?


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                      Originally posted by UNBANNED View Post
                      This Hauser guy is a joke. Countless "sources".

                      DAZN is doing fine. It takes time to transform a landscape. When DAZN first launched people literally didnt know what it was or how to use it. Fast forward a few years and DAZN is basically a household name although clearly not on par with ESPN. A major difference between ESPN and DAZN is that DAZN is GLOBAL while ESPN is primarily national.

                      DAZN is going to continue to grow and invade. Great platform
                      WTF Country do you live in where DAZN is a household name?