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    Originally posted by djb914 View Post
    For what its worth Shawn Porter beat Usyk in the amateurs (At 165 pounds)
    Headgear? 3 rounders?? The real problem for Canelo will Biterbiev's size and strength. As the rounds go by it's going to harder and harder to keep him off as you get more tired and tired... I mean Oleksandr Gvozdyk looked like he wanted to quit the round before.

    I'm a small guy and have never fought anyone my own size always much bigger. TRUST me it ain't easy to just straight box them. I've had to use my speed and quickness to win. One guy kept bull rushing me and told me to stay still lol. But these guys aren't elites.
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      Originally posted by BigStomps View Post
      Exactly! Lames like him just want Canelo to lose so they'll keep calling him a ducker no matter who he fights and beats
      Man just a few weeks ago these fruit cases were telling me Saunders and Calcium Smith would give Canelo a boxing lesson??? Now neither one is GOOD enough after they looked like GARBAGE! So it's Biterbiev and THEN it's on to Mairis Briedis, Yunier Dorticos, and Oleksandr Usyk small DOE!!!

      I asked this POSht to PLEASE provide me a list 2-3 guys Canelo is ducking at 160, 168, and 175 BEFORE Canelo announced his next fight so I'll have proof ones he changes the goal posts. The Lying C@ck SUCKER still WON'T give it to me.

      I've heard @ss clowns throughout the years PROMISE me Canelo would...

      Never fight GGG. If does get KTFO!
      Would NEVER rematch.
      Never fight GGG MexiCAN style.

      Never fight Jacobs.
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