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Comments Thread For: Tyson Fury: No Joshua Fight If He Loses To Andy Ruiz

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    Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
    Thank you Marchegiano. Now I remember fans were making fun of the 'lineal' title because arguably Otto Wallin could of got a TKO stoppage with another referee against Tyson Fury. If Otto beat 'The Man' ( Tyson Fury ) it would of exposed some of the assumed prestigious stature associated with the legendary fairy-tales of this 'great' lineage.
    Bingo, right there it is. People somehow forget the only reason sanctioning bodies exist is because lineal was a **** show.


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      Fury beats doubts


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        Originally posted by nick_viking View Post
        Very little chance of the fight happening anyway if the fight needs to be in the USA. Not a lot of point hosting what would be the biggest British fight of all time overseas.
        US fights generate more money, when will you people get that through your thick skulls?

        Selling $30 tickets and selling out football stadiums doesn't equate to more money.


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          What proclamations is Fury making without a belt?


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            Originally posted by chicken- View Post
            US fights generate more money, when will you people get that through your thick skulls?

            Selling $30 tickets and selling out football stadiums doesn't equate to more money.
            1. I didnít mention money - I said biggest British fights, that means interest, hype, involvement and yep, attendance.

            2. Would there be enough interest in two U.K. fighters fighting in the US to make it outstrip a U.K. fight? Wilder v Fury or Joshua v Wilder, sure thing. Fury v Joshua, Iím not so sure.


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              Originally posted by Deontay Wilder View Post
              If Andy whoops AJ's ass again, nobody wants him anymore. He's used goods. Defective product. Expired meat. Back to the end of the line he goes. He'll have to build himself back up fighting Martin Bakole and Tony Yoka on undercards.
              Am sure thats your deepest desire in life for the rest of the year but unfortunately boxing don't work according to your desire.
              You are a mere hater and irrelevant.


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                This fight will never happen anyway.


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                  Originally posted by Inspired View Post
                  if amir had taken kell earlier, lost...he would not be the one getting $7m vs canelo and $5m vs Crawford or even $7m vs Billy Dib.
                  Also Kell wanted to mask his own weaknesses by targetting Amir Khan and building his profile off that. He didn't want to be fighting guys like Errol Spence jr.
                  he only took the risk vs GGG out of envy of Amir making $5m vs Canelo. it was one of those 'i will lose to GGG too, get paid like amir got paid...but i will do a bit better than amir and have more bragging rights'. However kell was left broken. Then he went down to 147 with that 10lbs rehydration clause by the IBF and got outworked by Spence, drained and got battered.

                  Btw kell brook doesn't have 'fans'. He has supporters in the context of there being a lot of amir khan haters due to anti-pakistani sentiment since the 2011 grooming gangs news began to break out. So again Amir did the right thing by avoiding kell brook in that toxic climate, he waited for people to move on. What happened along with that is people realised kell will just keep boxing bums and then calling out Amir.

                  look at how kell went to the crawford vs amir khan fight, begging to get a payday like that. Bob Arum took a risk on Amir khan and it didn't pay off, amir quit, which made it a bad card for fans..and it only did 150k ppv no way arum would throw money on kell.
                  So kell is doing what he does, calling out Amir again.

                  My problem is that kell didn't go and fight the likes of Thurman, Garcia and a rematch with Porter. He didn't try to cement his own legacy.

                  Don't get me wrong, i know kell got shanked after he won the belt which hindered him, i know he had to wait a long time to get his mandatory fight vs porter etc.
                  However Kell's hate for Amir khan was ****ed up. Amir acheived a lot very early on in life. I think it's because with amir he would skip mosque (all muslims go to mosque daily in their younger yrs for 2 hours)..and try to justify his boxing classes. So he kind of pushed himself early to prove himself. I grew up in Bury, 1 town over from Bolton. Amir was in the papers regularly from the age of 12 as a big future asian prospect. His development was suited to amateur boxing and got him the money early on in his career.
                  Kell should have forged his own career and not hated on amir.

                  Kell boxed zefera or whatever he's called, in his hometown..and it was a poor card. Without Amir he becomes irrelevant.

                  To a lesser degree with is true for wilder too. ever since aj lost, people stopped caring about wilder. Before, all people talked about was wilder vs aj.

                  Tyson Fury doesnt want AJ, never did, he retired already when he knew AJ was coming up. He's said himself back in 2010 that he got beat up by a prospect (AJ) in sparring.
                  Hmmm.. Good points. Kell didn't want no smoke with Spence initially.. Stating that he couldn't wake up to go train for a nobody like Spence who nobody knows in America... I wondered why he never fought Thurman..


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                    Fury calls the shots nowadays, he's comfortably the most well known HW in America now.

                    Anyway it's irrelevant, Joshua is going to get retired by the clinically obese Mexican very soon.


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                      This bum has no belt and he’s out there in Saudi Arabia begging body building actors for money, yet he thinks he calls the shot, lol.

                      He knows AJ will knock him out clean and he’ll forever duck him. The beating he took in sparring has put perpetual fear in him. Gypsy bum. Give Wallin, Seferi and Panetta their rematches and call it day.