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Comments Thread For: Hearn: Campbell Fight Toughest Of Lomachenko's Career So Far

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    Although I agree... Why do independent sites let these Top Rank shills write nothing but biased commentary? Keith Idec is not a true journalist.


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      Originally posted by Keiran444 View Post
      I hope Cambell knocks out that inbred white ape
      Let's hope Campbell does a bit better than Crolla and throws a punch or two! Easy win for Loma.


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        Originally posted by Elver Gota View Post
        Prograis will smash him if they fight right now. Lomachenco is the product of careful match making. Linares was out Boxing him before being stopped. Linares was also stopped in the first round twice before being stopped by Lomachenco.
        How about Spence and Crawford? Can they beat Loma or should they just fight each other? LOL


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          Originally posted by Bronx23 View Post
          Hearns a promoter of course he knows his guy isn't the best, he can't say that though. He just had to talk his guy up and hope for the best, sometimes they get lucky & the upset happens.

          Imagine a promoter going into a fight saying their fighter isn't that good, or that they're probably gonna lose. Lol
          Yeah obviously. There's a difference between bigging up your fighter and spouting out and out bull**** though.
          Saying Campbell is better than Rigendaux, double Olympic champion, qualifies as the latter.