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Comments Thread For: Tony Harrison: I'll Beat Jermell Charlo 'Even Easier' in Rematch

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    Originally posted by IBOX4LIFE View Post
    You do realize that fight did NOT take place in Detroit, rather Pontiac, Michigan. Two totally different places then and especially now...Detroit is an excellent fight city with plenty of decent venues.
    You do realize I wasn't even talking to you, right? That's how stuff gets started around here...because people won't mind their business.

    I get what you're saying, but this has nothing to do with you. Thanks anyway.


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      Charlo beat him in a rematch.


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        Originally posted by SugarRaRobinson View Post
        Take your 12/1 odds fake victory that was gifted and gift wrapped from Vegas, along with your 5 minuets of fame and go sit down somewhere Tony.

        Cause if u start believing u really won that fight, your gonna be in for a rude awakening when u get no help from corrupt refs in the next fight, as they’ll surely hang u out to dry in the rematch.

        That is of course if Charlo don’t knock your silly azz out in the next one.
        Yeah because he clearly knocked Tony out in the first fight...?
        So it's all so clear and Breadman says every week...fight fans man.
        Anyway the rematch will reveal all that's for sure