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Comments Thread For: Salido Adviser: My Fighter Did NOT Miss Weight, Scale Was Off

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    Originally posted by Shontae De'marc View Post
    I take back all of what I said - to me it's nothing personal just some internet banter for laughs. I only just recognised you from another post in another thread I was watching, you are a good guy.
    haha lol if u r being serious! thats cool i had fun getting worked up anyways. there were some real racist out there though


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      Time out folks with all this politics talk

      "They need to have their scale calibrated."

      Somebody refresh my this the same guy who lost his title on the scales?
      Is this the same guy who came in over weight against Loma?

      So on there OWN scales in their hotel room , he made weight but did not make weight in PUBLIC using the OFFICIAL scales?

      And they are asking for the official scale to be "calibrated"?


      "Orlando Salido did NOT miss weight - Mandalay Bay missed weight."

      My on My.

      Somebody please make sure they check his wrappings before he puts on the gloves to make sure they do not contain any foreign object!!!


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        Originally posted by MisanthropicNY View Post
        As long as the bigotry is against White Males - you're just fine with it...
        And heís far from the only one on this site. But you know how they know, the tolerant and inclusive ones until you donít agree with them