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    Salido is 2 steps back! But it will be a great fight while it last...
    Saludos sonora.
    Linea .7.1.4 ala orden sonoita


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      if youre p4p you should be outclassing salido
      but he lost lol


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        Originally posted by REYESdelBOXEO View Post
        *GAME OVER*

        ORLANDO "JASON VOORHEES" SALIDO the most feared man at 130 pounds, his international savage beatings of top boxers have become instant classics.

        Remember wherever you rank Lomachenko you must rank ORLANDO SALIDO higher then him , becasue SALIDO beat Lomachenko fair & square and has a way better resume then Lomachenko. SALIDO also deserves Top Pound for Pound recognition , respect and the Million dollar paydays as well. Top Rank pay SALIDO and don't take things personal , SALIDO vs. LOMA was strictly buisness for SALIDO. Stop stealing money & fights from ORLANDO SALIDO, he has been great for boxing.

        ORLANDO SALIDO owns Lomachenko's belt & 2 Olympic Gold Medals. I think HBO blackballed SALIDO for beating Lomachenko like they did Rigondieux for beating Donaire.

        ¡ORLANDO SALIDO, El Gladiador le dio una clase de boxeo y una golpisa a Vasyl Lomachenko, paguenle sus Milliones de dolares a SALIDO, y lo vuelve a enfrentar y derrotar! ¡ORLANDO SALIDO de Sonora Mexico, es uno de los mejores peliadores del mundo libra por libra!
        so I guess we're also ranking Clinton Mitchell above Bernard Hopkins since Mitchell beat Hopkins in his first pro fight... Right?


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          STFU Lomo and redeem yourself beating the mex golem.


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            I only want to see Loma in unification bouts. Siri can be an in-between opponent.


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              Originally posted by Sweet_Science2 View Post
              Don't mix my words up I never said WORD CLASS dumb ass. I said I could never "CROWN" him meaning anything close to the P4P King like people seem to be doing. Who in the hell is even arguing Stevenson is in the top 20?
              "pro ranks" - so you're saying Stevenson isn't a pro. Okay

              Originally posted by Sweet_Science2 View Post
              Lomo is a hype job until proven otherwise. Dude has 9 fights with a fuucking lost to Salido. Replace Lomo's name with Broner and tell me if you feel the same? Yeah I thought so.
              Not sure what point you're trying to make there.

              I'm certainly not hyping Loma. I specifically said he's got "Salido problems" and he needs to answer that question. We're saying the same thing.

              All I'm saying is, the number of losses Salido has means nothing when a future world champion gets knocked out by Darnell Boone; another future world champion gets knocked down for the first time by that same Darnell Boone; and another future world champion gets nearly outboxed by that same Darnell Boone. Win/Loss means nothing. Some fighters fight stupid and that's exactly what happened with Loma.

              Do I believe Lomachenko beats Salido in the rematch? I'm not sure. Thus why the fight needs to happen because even Loma's most diehard fans aren't 100% convinced he can beat Salido - and if he can't beat even Salido, there's no way he can be P4P.

              We're saying the same thing. So stop cussing


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                Originally posted by Owlzfan84 View Post
                Is the blueprint to miss weight, have Laurence Cole as the ref and get away with over 50 low blows?
                And maybe sneak a bat in there this time. Seriously though, Salido is tough as dirt and a definite spoiler. I want to see this fight.


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                  this cant be life


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                    It could be argued that Salido currently deserves to be the unified WBC and WBO champion at 130

                    I hope Loma doesn't overlook him and get caught out again


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                      Lomachenko will be criticized for destroying Salido by the same people who claim he's ducking him now. Racists will **** on the Salido win more than they did Russell, Walters who were going to wipe the floor with him.