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  • Comments Thread For: Family of Prichard Colon Sue Promoters, Doctor For $50 Million

    The family of brain-damaged boxer Prichard Colon filed a $50 million lawsuit Wednesday against a ringside physician and the co-promoters of the card on which he was injured a year-and-a-half ago in Fairfax, ******ia. According to a story posted on, the suit was filed in the District of Columbia on Wednesday against Dr. Richard Ashby and co-promoters Head****ers Boxing and DiBella Entertainment to help pay for the extremely expensive care Colon requires. Ashby was the ringside physician assigned to the October 17, 2015, bout by the ******ia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, which supervises boxing in that state.
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    Lol in b4 all the haymon fanboys say its his fault for accepting the fight and hes a bum


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      I remeber watching this fight live and the black dude was rabbit punching like a mtoherfucker

      PS. has anyone tried giving colon a ambien? real shit that be waking dudes from comas like its nothing.


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        will this progress? what about magomed? wasn't he suing the NYSAC or something?


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          not sure how thats the promoters fault


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            Wasn't the black dude also making cutthroat gestures at Colon during that fight? Well... You sure did it buddy.


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              How did the ref get out of this???? That ref ain't ****.... that Mfer almost DQ'ed Khan for pushing something no ref deducts for( and cost him the fight) but barely took a point away (and only did for something that should of got the guy DQ'ed) for a guy rabbit punching the whole fight....

              He should be in on this lawsuit too


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                Lol in b4 a clueless ****** brings up Al Haymon in some way.

                Oops, too late!


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                  Unfortunately, a sore head is a consequence of being in a sport where you're getting punched in the head.

                  If the Doc or Promoter is found to be liable for any of this, we may as well abolish the sport entirely. No fight would ever go 12.

                  No one forced this guy to go back out there. He, and his corner, are plenty capable of making the decision to stop the fight.


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                    I blame the ref the most.