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Comments Thread For: Jacobs: I'm Back in December at Barclays - I Want Golovkin Next!

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    Originally posted by Boxing Logic View Post
    GGG has a date for November. Danny Jacobs is not the "A-side" or does that only matter to all the Flom0s and Canelo fans when it's their guy who is? This smells of more Al Haymon bull**** where instead of just saying they want the fight, they sneak in a little detail at the beginning that will prevent the fight so that later they can point to it as an excuse. "Well I said from the beginning I was coming back to Barclays. And Showtime has been very loyal to Barclays. So it's not my fault I didn't fight GGG because he wouldn't come to my venue and fight on Showtime even though I'm the B-side and he's exclusive to HBO."

    That's how they always play this ****. The fact he mentioned a set date, and venue, means he has no intention of negotiating. When else do you hear a fighter say their date and venue right after the fight? Usually they don't mention those things and focus on the fight they just had. The fact he brought those things up shows he did it on purpose to create an excuse for ducking ahead of time.

    How can you negotiate a fight with GGG if you're already putting out there that you won't negotiate the date or venue? That shows it's a ruse. These PBC fighters are an embarrassment to the sport.

    Are they politicians, or boxers?
    November is literally 10 weeks away, assuming the Rafael date is accurate. lol

    The WBA will mandate the fight this week, and we'll see who's plan is bull****.

    On a purse bid that'll likely approach $4m, would you rather have 8 weeks to make the money back (on the Rafael timeline, that'll basically be all the time that K2 would have) or 12 weeks (with the new NY law, drying things up, Lou DiBella basically ends up with three months to drive the hype up for a world title fight between two fighters with names in NYC)?


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      Originally posted by Pain~Lucy View Post
      The super champion is entitled 75% of the purse while the challenger is 25%

      GGG promotion aint backing out if it goes to purse bid

      Jacobs was demanding 4-5m, he wont get that on purse bid, Golovkin will be happy to fight in showtime with a guaranteed 75% split
      The super champion is only entitled to 75% of the actual bid; any other revenues go to the camp that wins the bid.

      Jacobs may not end up with $4m/$5m, but he'll end up with a ****load of money ($1m of the likely $4m purse bid, sponsorship from Brooklyn Boxing/Barclays Center, share on the upside for a likely SHOPPV event, plus a share on whatever other external revenues that DiBella/Haymon can bring to the fight).

      Golovkin gets $3m of the $4m, and is basically entitled to nothing else on the fight (have no doubt that K2 will even end up paying out money to make sure that they get the German TV rights to the fight).


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        Originally posted by TheCell8 View Post
        Well There's two options. Either they way overpay Golovkin to fight on Showtime so that Jacobs could get his $3M (Which would mean that Haymon would have to put up over $10M for the purse bid).

        Or Jacobs accepts whatever offer K2 offers him to fight on HBO.

        Either way it's a win for Golovkin's side and a loss for Jacobs' side.
        Haymon will have to bid nowhere near $10m, lol; Golden Boy bid basically $250k for N'Dam-Lemieux, yet Lemieux still walked away with well over $1m on the fight.

        Jacobs can end up making his own money, as is the case with most other bids, on the upside to come with owning the rights to the fight.


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          So if this goes to purse bid GGG gets a 75-25 split correct? Meaning someone would have to bid $8 million for Jacobs to pocket just $2 million of that...

          That will not happen...who is gonna bid that much? If they did they're throwing money down the toilet IMO....

          Jacobs, if he wants the fight, should be willing to negotiate and try to get 2.5-3 million and fight on HBO PPV in December or early next year after another defense of the JV title...

          My guess is he claims they lowball him in negotiations then after the purse bid comes up WAYYYY short and Jacobs is looking at like a $1 million payday, he vacates the JV belt and carries on his business without fighting GGG.