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Comments Thread For: Jacobs: I'm Back in December at Barclays - I Want Golovkin Next!

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    Originally posted by Boxing Logic View Post
    Yes GGG is sitting pretty. As long as the WBA orders it, and K2 doesn't **** things up, they can just wait to the purse bid and force Danny to fight or drop the belt and be exposed for the world as a ducker.

    GGG has to take care of Hulk Brook first though.
    GGG already said he wants Saunders next! What do you think about a Jacobs vs. Lara fight @ 160?


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      jacobs isn't on GGG level, but if he signs the contract he will always have a fan like me.


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        Now all of a sudden he wants GGG next after Brook steps up.. its sad


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          Originally posted by Boxing Logic View Post
          You caught that too huh. They Haymon fighters all use the same tactics to duck fights.

          1. "He has no name, I would get more money to fight someone else."

          2. "He has a name now, and I would get more money to fight him than anyone else. But... that's a big fight, with a lot of risk, and the money has to equal to the risk."

          3. "He hasn't fought anyone great. I'm great! Best ever! I won't fight him. Let me know when he fights someone great, like me, who won't fight him, then I'll fight him, if you believe me, which you shouldn't."

          4. "I definitely want that fight. If not now that I've been offered the contract, within the next five years. I think we can both continue to build our brands, and when that fight presents itself, I aint never dodged no man, now please stop asking me about him I don't want to fight him he's really good."

          5. "This network and/or venue and/or date and /or promoter has been really loyal to me, and made me into a "star", so getting a career high payday actually isn't important to me anymore. Scratch my previous statements. Now what I think matters is my undying loyalty to a billion dollar corporation. You know, like how Floyd was loyal to HBO for making him a star."

          6. "I ran to Showtime when he wanted to fight me on HBO when we were both on HBO, so now it's really his responsibility to move to Showtime otherwise he's ducking me."

          7. "I would beat him so easily, easy work, and that is by far the biggest financial fight out there for me too. Easy work means it's low risk, very easy. Biggest money means it's high reward, huge money. This is a business, not a sport, and this fight is low risk, high reward, the ultimate business man fight if my previous statements have any integrity whatsoever.

          They don't. I lied about him being easy. Please don't pressure me into fighting him."

          8. "I don't believe in exclusive network contracts because that prevents flexibility for fighters to be able to go to another network to make a huge fight and make more money, which is all that matters. But now that there is an offer for me to make a huge, career high payday against Golovkin or Kovalev on HBO, I believe in staying exclusive to Showtime, even though I don't have an exclusive contract them, because of how loyal they have been and Al Haymon probably made unofficial under the table exclusive promises, which means I may as well be exclusive to a network, which completely contradicts my entire premise."

          There are a lot more, but they all boil down to the same combos of bull****. "We/he already had a date/venue/fight scheduled, so we had no choice
          but to choose an over the hill, feather fisted cab driver for the fifth fight in a row rather than the best match-up out there. What else could we do!" is another one.

          We'll know if Danny actually wants GGG if he signs the contract and shows up in the ring. Short of that, you better believe he doesn't.
          This a brutal beatdown of all those Al Haymon fighters who have become totally delusional and soft from being spoilt by Al. Brutal


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            Originally posted by Boxing Logic View Post
            GGG has a date for November. Danny Jacobs is not the "A-side" or does that only matter to all the Flom0s and Canelo fans when it's their guy who is? This smells of more Al Haymon bull**** where instead of just saying they want the fight, they sneak in a little detail at the beginning that will prevent the fight so that later they can point to it as an excuse. "Well I said from the beginning I was coming back to Barclays. And Showtime has been very loyal to Barclays. So it's not my fault I didn't fight GGG because he wouldn't come to my venue and fight on Showtime even though I'm the B-side and he's exclusive to HBO."

            That's how they always play this ****. The fact he mentioned a set date, and venue, means he has no intention of negotiating. When else do you hear a fighter say their date and venue right after the fight? Usually they don't mention those things and focus on the fight they just had. The fact he brought those things up shows he did it on purpose to create an excuse for ducking ahead of time.

            How can you negotiate a fight with GGG if you're already putting out there that you won't negotiate the date or venue? That shows it's a ruse. These PBC fighters are an embarrassment to the sport.

            Are they politicians, or boxers?
            GGG can't fight in november. He fights in december.


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              He won't fight GGG until 2017 and that's alright. Hopefully it's in the middle of the year.


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                Danny Jacobs is already trying to dictate terms by having the fight at Barclays instead of MSG, great as if HBO/Showtime wasn't enough... I seen Yormack (ceo of the Barclay center), lurking at the Jacobs/Mora fight last night.

                I wouldn't be surprised if the NYSAC amended the insurance policy after the first UFC event in November. That still leaves the obstacle of Jacobs/Golovkin going on ppv though. It's too close to Ward/Kovalev, and RN (Yormack's twin brother is ceo of RN) is supposedly going to put on a Cotto ppv in December.

                Best case scenario is Golovkin unifies with Saunders in December, Jacobs screams that Golovkin is ducking him and then defends his title vs Ishe Smith, and Golovkin/Jacobs happens on ppv in NY in March/April.


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                  Originally posted by GMAN SUPREME View Post
                  then don't try to price yourself out.I still believe jacobs is all talk lol he'll probably have another rematch with mora while claiming he wants ggg next.
                  theres a fine line between pricing ones self out and being taken advantage of. question, if wba demands they fight, can $$$$ get in the way ? i dont think dj is shook.


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                    Jacobs..."I will fight Ggg for the RIGHT PRICE "....meaning I will continue to call him(for attention/hype) out b4 and after my meaningless fights in front of empty seats. Pirog ko'd Jacobs easily...Ggg does the same IF fight ever took place.


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                      You GGG nuthuggers cry about everything, Jacobs wants him next, can maximize profits fighting in Brooklyn and not have to do 10 dollar seats and if goes to purse bid he gets the lion share of split so what's the fuss about? His team is cheap so won't pay Saunders what he wants for WBO belt... Stop b1tching and be happy he will finally get a top MW in ring, y'all crying and making excuses already he not A side etc etc but was whining when Oscar hit GGG with the A side talk other day