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Comments Thread For: Billy Joe Saunders: McGregor Notorious? He Tapped in 3 Seconds!

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  • Comments Thread For: Billy Joe Saunders: McGregor Notorious? He Tapped in 3 Seconds!

    The WBO World Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders believes UFC star Conor McGregor tapped out 'too easily' after his recent defeat to Nate Diaz.

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    via GIPHY


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      Did I just become a Billy Joe fan? LOL


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        And you tapped out from facing GGG.


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          Honestly though from my experience in the military, we did a lot of judo/chokes and boxing.

          Obviously in a different format. He was in a clear choke but he didn't want to win

          MCMAP involves it all.

          Then again we aren't professional fighter's so I don't know. IMO he tapped.
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            Originally posted by _original_ View Post
            And you tapped out from facing GGG.



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              McGregor went up 2 weights for that fight, Amir Khan wannabe.

              With that said it is absolutely stupid to compare the two sports. Ppl laugh at MMA records, but that's cuz there are so many ways to lose plus it is always best vs best as one promoter has all the relevant/good fighters under his banner.


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                says the coward


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                  There's too many ways to lose in MMA. You could be a guy on vacation, get 10 days notice to fight the best fighter in the UFC, and still win by submission. I don't know what to make of that really, I don't know how to feel about it. What does that mean? Sure it's highly competitive in nature, but how can you have a full camp and lose to someone who barely trained for 10 days and was on a boat drinking with his friends? About the size, well Diaz was a bloated lightweight who could not make 155 because he only got 10 days, understandably. Point is, Diaz himself is not a welterweight, so he too moved up.


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                    Another hater by sounds of it, try getting choked out by a professional jiu jitsu black belt and lets see hw long you wait before tapping! Anyway whether Connor tapped out in 3 seconds or held the choke for 15 seconds, either way he new there was no way he was getting out of it, he was badly hurt at that point and clearly had nothing left... So why cause yourself anymore punishment then need be when he new he couldnt do nothing. That being said he was doing well and had clearly won 1st round and was winning 2nd till he got rocked.