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    Originally posted by Bronx2245 View Post
    So Floyd was ducking Pacquiao to fight Cotto at 154? So that was a "cherry-pick" fight too? If fighting Canelo at 154 was so easy, why didn't Pac do it?

    "The only offer Top Rank ever made us was the same money as in 2009," Cotto told "[Arum] made the same offer he made in 2009, and we found it kind of funny. That was the reason we decided not to face Pacquiao. That, and they also wanted me to go down to 150 pounds and give him the same advantage that they gave Pacquiao in 2009, a catchweight."

    Cotto said he was surprised to read that Arum said he offered him $13 million.

    "Bob said he offered us $13 million, but he never came to us with that offer," Cotto said. "He always offered us the same guarantee he offered us in 2009, with the same benefits, and that's not fair. He offered the exact same amount of money. Of course it's a business, but all we want is fair business. You can say to Bob to tell me he made that offer to me to my face, and you will see his reaction.

    "Miguel Cotto always agrees to fight the best. I've never said no to anybody, but you need to treat me fairly in business."

    Even if the money could have been worked out, Cotto said the weight was a major issue.

    For the 2009 bout he had agreed to go down to 145 pounds, two less than the welterweight limit, and said it took its toll. If he had taken the rematch at 150, it would mean dropping 4 pounds below the junior middleweight limit, which is where Cotto has fought his four bouts since his loss to Pacquiao.

    "If he wants a big name and wants to fight the best, no catchweight," Cotto said of Pacquiao. "Making catchweights is easy for them. They make the other guy have trouble making weight and they take advantage of that. I wasn't going to do that again. I am 154 pounds. I am not going to fight at a catchweight and make myself weak."
    Danm man u love posting that article this is like the third or fourth time u post it


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      Originally posted by gbonafide View Post
      Anyone who thinks Junior can make 160 is just being naive and hopeful.
      dont underestimate the power of diuretics...


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        159 huh? God I am starting to hate the bull$**** in boxing lately. It's not about fighting the best on equal terms anymore! Canelo can blowup in weight to fight smaller fighters, no problem there I guess. This is a new era, SAD!


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          i'm more interested in canelo/chavez than canelo/cotto, but this BS catchweight thing is that, BS... when is canelo moving up definitely?


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            Chavez can't make 159


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              Canelo is a legitimate middleweight. He didn't make 154 for the Angulo fight, and the contracted weight against Lara was 155.

              On fight night, Canelo weighed 174 pounds when he stepped into the ring with Angulo, and he weighed 171 pounds when he stepped into the ring with Lara.

              Dropping to 160 would be difficult enough for Chavez and Canelo walks around solidly above 160, so this is a joke.


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                lol at Chavez making 159


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                  DO it at 161/162!!! That would be fair!


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                    Originally posted by La_Vibora View Post
                    I think they are putting this out there just in case Mayweather tries to steal Cotto away from Canelo. And in a way, it pushes Floyd toward having to do the Pacquiao fight because there is no other opponent really out there that will be able to push Canelo out of that Cinco de Mayo weekend spot other than maybe fighting Golovkin.
                    If Alvarez fights on Cinco de Mayo weekend in 2015, it will be on regular HBO or on the Mayweather undercard. Mayweather is not giving up that date for anybody and I don't think that Mayweather has any problem pulling the rug from under Oscar's feet by offering Cotto a rematch on that date.


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                      Originally posted by SlySlickSmooth View Post
                      Chavez Jr. is not making 159. Canelo blows up to 170+ anyways. Fight should happen at 161/162.
                      If it happened, it would happen at 169-70 because Chavez Jr. is too undisciplined to lose the weight and get into shape. He reminds me of James Toney. He eats everything in site and, instead of working to lose weight, he simply keeps moving up in weight. Chavez Jr. will be fighting at heavyweight by 2016.