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Comments Thread For: Magomed's Family File $100 Million Dollar Suit at NYSAC

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    Originally posted by lefthook2daliva View Post
    I hope not.

    If that happens, it's all over.

    The ambulance chasers will kill the sport.
    Touchy subject. You have to feel sorry for the family, but you also have to realize he chose to partake in the sport. A sport where he knew the inherent dangers.

    Which brings up the topic of how much is too much punishment. How can you truly know what's happening to his body and brain internally. How much damage did he receive leading up to the fight in sparring. What kind of lifestyle did he live outside of the ring. Too many variable to say one person is at fault.

    As far as what happened after the fight. From reading the article, it seems like a bunch of finger pointing from both side.

    If not a monetary reward. Hopefully it will at least lead to stricter regulation as far as what happens behind the scenes after the bout ends.


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      Originally posted by valero View Post
      If there was any justice in this world, Gerald McClellan, Magomed Abdusalamov and other incapacitated fighters would receive millions in donations from Don King, Bob Arum, Golden Boy and other promoters. They have so much money, it would be a drop in the ocean to them.
      I think this is the best post on this thread. It would be NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING for the big boys to all come together and donate a simple 1 million each to his family. As a big fight fan and a Money Mayweather fan, it's times like this I would like to see him taking some of that 15 mill he lost betting on The Superbowl, and donate it to this man and his family. Fighters "should be" like a brotherhood, but unfortunately in this sport there are more egos than there are in team sports where athletes develop a brotherly love for their compadres. Broner can flush $ down the toilet but he can't donate a couple hundred thou to this mans family? It is kinda sad. I understand that certain PPV prize fighters are in debt and not expecting everyone to step up, but there are some fighters in a position to do so and should. Im not a fighter, but i can say open heartedly that if I was and my mentality was the same as it is today, I would definitely be one of the fighters trying to encourage the other fighters to donate to this mans recovery and to his family for their pain and suffering.

      But... im NOT a fighter, so i'm sure it's easier for me to say this now.


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        Originally posted by mrjax View Post
        While it is easy to second guess the doctors, nysac and the corner, the medical signs of a bleeding brain are very hard to detect and were probably not showing at the time. We can talk about his nose or facial swelling, but that was not what killed him, nor were they symptoms.

        The symptoms are pretty specific, which are the headache he got, weakness, cooridination and sensory issues. During the fight, he did not exhibit or may have hidden those symptoms. No symptoms, no diagnosis. Pretty simple.

        As for being hit repeatedly, go back and watch the fight. Then watch Bradley v Provodnikov, Gatti v Ward, or any fight with Brandon Rios. I would not call the fight particularly brutal based on watching it alone.
        The red

        Lets not jump the gun, he's not dead, still fighting like an undefeated champion!

        The green

        So true. There's such a fine line to toll.. Bradely IMO got it worse from Ruslan than Magomed did from Perez (at least to the naked eye) but we cannot "see" what damage was done internally. A fighter can only feel it. This is such a delicate situ, it's hard to pick someone at fault, especially when the truth is, there were many parties at fault i.e. the ref, Mago's corner, the ringside physicians, the NYSAC etc. No one person or organization are responsible for this tragedy.


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          Originally posted by ***1048;ATAS View Post
          There was insurance, just not hardly enough to cover such a devastating condition.

          The selfish part of me fears this will end boxing in NYC.
          I don't think it'll end boxing in the City, but it'll certainly change the way things are handled from now on. The degree of change will probably depend on the award the judge declares. Boxing matches will probably be stopped earlier, and any possible broken bones or severe swelling will be enough to stop a fight.


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            Originally posted by -Kev- View Post
            Yep the NYSAC. Not his corner, who he told he felt something wrong with his face in the early rounds, but they told him it's nothing and threw him back in there.
            Yes, the NYSAC. The NYSAC that did a quick 'one and done' examination of Magomed and sent him on his way. The NYSAC that didn't even have a ****in ambulance for the fighters in case of emergency. Magomed had to take a ****in cab to the hospital FSS. I would allege that they were negligent, showed indifference and didn't in anyway shape or form, air on the side of caution


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              Originally posted by BostonGuy View Post
              Yes, the NYSAC. The NYSAC that did a quick 'one and done' examination of Magomed and sent him on his way. The NYSAC that didn't even have a ****in ambulance for the fighters in case of emergency. Magomed had to take a ****in cab to the hospital FSS. I would allege that they were negligent, showed indifference and didn't in anyway shape or form, air on the side of caution
              I find it mind-boggling that medical professionals employed by the state would fail to employ even the simplest precautions. It's pure, unadulterated negligence. I recall the round-by-round that night. Many posters here commented on how bad Mago looked as the fight wore on. I can't imagine that someone viewing his condition in person wouldn't be even more concerned. How hard was it to put Magomed in an ambulance immediately after the fight? Heads are gonna roll and big dollars will go to the Abdusalamov family...and rightfully so.


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                Originally posted by Tobi.G View Post
                Get out of here idiot!!! NOW!!! Becoming a boxer is the BEST and MOST honorable thing a man can do!
                Well said. It's a demanding sport and damage is the goal. That's about as honest as it gets. All boxers know the risk, Magomed is not the first to get hurt, and he won't be the last. These men choose this path, on a stage for all to see, for fame and money. Honor comes with that kind of commitment.


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                  Either ban boxing, or get the state out of the boxing business and let private firms like a title orgs to handle whatever the **** commissions do.


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                    Originally posted by Renal Colic View Post
                    Yeah, I remember he asked if his nose was broken after round 1 and if his face was swollen after round 5 or so. They could have been attempts to get his corner to stop the fight without him quitting. Everything is easier in hindsight, of course.

                    I didn't know he had a broken jaw and hand too.

                    I know Michael Watson won a case after his fight against Eubank. In that case, however, there was a breach of contact with no ambulence being there or something. I don't know if Magomed's family have a legitimate case, sadly.
                    he def should of been sent to the hospital in an ambulance like they sent Broner. there is def a problem with promoters not wanting to use the ambulance due to extra cost
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                      I'll play devil's advocate. The family states that NYS mishandled Mago's health needs after the fight. NYS will say 'Well gee, maybe Mago needs to be a better fighter or he wouldn't be in this situation." NYS will defend its doctors and so far all we've heard is the Mago side of the story and not the commissions.

                      hey I am on the same side as everyone else in regards to Mago, but if my tax dollars goes to the Mago family after all the personal donations they received and being told that that one Russian promoter was going to cover -everything-, now I'm just feeling like their trying to take advantage of the situation.