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    Originally posted by Own3d View Post
    Landing punches wins rounds, avoiding them doesn't. People saying Canelo should get credit for avoiding and Trout missing are morons. Only landed punches count.

    If a fighter lands 10 jabs out of a 100 thrown and the other 2/2. Does the fighter that landed 2 win the round because he had 100% accuracy and the person who landed more had only 10%?
    Yeah but if one fighter lands 12 punches in a round and the other lands 10 harder more effective punches do you not give the round to the latter?

    IF you go by compubox numbers (which should be taken with a grain of salt as compubox numbers are often not accurate which could be the case in this fight) Then you would have to give Canelo rounds 2,3,4,7,9 and 11 which would give him 6 rounds, Canelo 114-113


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      Canelos workrate was very poor, I don't care if he had more power, the point is he was throwing less punches and at points just not engaging