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    Originally posted by Mr. Fantastic View Post
    LMAO @ your Mosley AV.


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      i blame Robert Garcia and that ****ty ref Laurence Cole!


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        Good riddance.


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          Originally posted by Mr. Fantastic View Post
          LMAO @ your Mosley AV.
          You've got a point there, but I think plaster is worse than steroids on every level. I'm not a massive Mosley fan either but he took Tony to school.


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            I would like to correct the author by fixing what he wrote.

            Margarito (38-8, 27 KOs) has never been the same after taking a 9 round beating from Sugar Shane Mosley.

            Now he's denied up and down the street he knew anything about the hand warps, but has he ever apologized for it? Even if he's a 100% innocent, he should still have apologized to the boxing community for his scandal.


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              May the Plaster be with you Tony...


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                My final thoughts on Margarito:

                Margarito got famous because Arum touted him as "the guy" that Floyd was scared of back around 2006. I remember Floyd was supposedly all kinds of "terrified" to fight him because he turned down an offer of 8 million for the fight. In hindsight that is kind of hilarious.

                I remember watching the fight where he punched his opponent's ear off, super ugly/really gross and gory fight.

                Until Mosley I honestly thought a sledgehammer couldn't KO Margarito, but things change. He took a lot of shots to the grill before Mosley and I think they all added up.

                The plaster wraps thing was a real shame. It really does throw up a huge question mark for some of his wins. For all I know he got caught the only time they attempted to use the things, but it just doesn't seem likely.

                Margarito ruined Kermit Cintron.

                Always wished there could have been a Margarito/Mayorga fight.

                Oh well, at least he got to retire by his own accord as opposed to getting banned for life from the sport. He should feel good about that.


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                  Farewell Champ!!

                  Good for him, he's had a good career with deceant highlights and even with the controversy he was always in it for the excitement... Good luck Champ!!


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                    This cheating turd doesnt deserve any credit for a career made from punching will plaster wraps. Go get a job as a plasterer ya turd burglar.


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                      no comment on this dude.