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  • Comments Thread For: Theophane Comes From Behind To Stop Murphy in Eleven

    Peterlee Leisure Centre, Peterlee, Tyne and Wear - Ashley Theophane (31-4-1, 9KOs) stopped late replacement Ben Murphy (8-5-1, 4KOs) in the eleventh round to retain the British junior welterweight title. Murphy, a 22-1 underdog who took the fight on five days notice, dominated large portions of the fight with his aggressive style of fighting. At the time of the stoppage, Murphy was up on all three scorecards by 5, 4 and 1. All needed to do was stay on his feet the last two rounds to pull out a big upset.

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    Saved by the referee. The dude was not hurt or taking excessive punches.


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      You would never have guessed Theophane was the 1/22 favourite would you?

      Stoppage was a complete joke. The Referee was clearly going to jump in and stop it as soon as possible because he knew that Theophane would have lost had it gone to a decision.


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        Possibly the worst stoppage ever.

        The fact Murphy was 1,4 and 5 rounds ahead on the judge's scorecards makes me feel sick. He wasn't wobbling around, he wasn't on the ropes for 2 minutes of the final round...


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          Bad stoppage.

          But.....Murphy looked gassed and he was having issues fighting back.


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            I think this news is seen in other places.


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              Great effort by Murphy.

              But not being funny as soon as a fighter like that goes backwards, the fight is usually over and refs can't wait to pull them out.

              Murphy is a problem at lightweight. Imagine if he had a jab? Even a crap jab?

              He's a little monster.


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                Bad stoppage!

                GREAT performance from Murphy,a real Rocky like effort and one worthy of a champion.

                The fact that Murphy was ahead on ALL scorecards,was gassed but still defending himself,not shipping a lot of punishment and moving means this WAS a very poor stoppage imho.

                I'd like to think the ref was showing his humanity due to the sad death in Russia the other day,but I feel this was nothing more than keeping the Theophane gravy train rolling.

                Another reason to dislike the politics and corruption of pro boxing.


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                  Murphy was spent. Incredible effort & would have been great for him to pull it off but he took a lot of punches in those last 20/30 seconds.
                  Hopefully he can get some backing now, fight at Lightweight & go on from here. Much better than his 8-5 record suggests.