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  • Fury Speaking Some Sense

    Obviously not Tyson or John. Predictably it's Peter.


    Every time I listen to this guy I'm impressed. Discussion on Fury v Usyk is towards the end of the clip.

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    The day before the fight, I came to the conclusion that 'There would be a twist in the action. And that twist would come from Oleksandr Uysk.

    Leading up to the fight, you had people all anticipating that the fight would be a skill for skill boxing match 'I disagreed with this notion'.

    There was just too much on the line, for ether fighter to believe 'They can just turn up in a Undisputed World title fight, and box their way entirely to a win'.

    I envisioned a fight were Oleksandr Uysk was going to continually keep pressuring Tyson Fury 'I stated this because, Fury although he is a complete fighter and has the ability to fight in all area's of the game. Whenever he has been pressured in fight at top level, Fury's has historically always produced unforced errors and made technical mistakes'.

    I thought that the notion that Uysk was going to fight off the back foot 'Was a cliche observation, made by people who did not analyse the match up beyond the surface level'.

    Oleksandr Uysk has never been a back foot fighter, to the level and same extent that Tyson Fury has during his career. Oleksandr Uysk has never fought in a World title fight, like the way Tyson Fury did against Wladimir Kiltschko.

    Note: What Peter Fury is saying here is kind of straight forward very sound advice. There has been two World title fights in Tyson Fury's career now, were he has fought with back foot defensive line tactics and believed that this was enough to win those fights.

    Tyson Fury did not win his first fight against Deontay Wilder 'You don't win World title fights by being backed up all night, decked twice once badly'.

    And once again, although Tyson Fury in my opinion skill for skill there is a definitive debate 'That Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Uysk has just fought his 3rd best fight ever. In terms of the actual level of action produced skill for skill'.

    You can only really rate Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Kiltschko, Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder II for sure as greater skill for skill fights for Tyson Fury. Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury III, was not really a super high level fight skill for skill, both fighters were all over the place and producing unforced errors.

    That is why I rate Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Uysk III 'As Tyson Fury 3rd best ever performance skill for skill in his career. Tyson Fury was fighting against a fighter in Oleksandr Uysk who was a vastly superior pure boxer than Deontay WIlder'.

    But regardless, ether which way you analyse Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Uysk 'The statistics of the fight show he was beaten, but was competitive. And even when you analyse the fight from a pure fight perspective. Uysk also won the fight in that arena'.

    During a boxing match there are two things happening simultaneous at the same time 'The boxing match, and a fight'.

    When Tyson Fury fought Deontay Wilder 'Fury most likely fought the better boxing match. But Deontay Wilder fought a better fight'.

    Deontay Wilder backed up Tyson Fury all night, out worked him and inflicted the most damage 'The fight was a draw, there is no way Tyson Fury won that fight. There is more evidence that Deontay Wilder won the first fight than Tyson Fury'.

    Now, when Tyson Fury fought Oleksander Uysk 'If we apply the same concept of analysis to that fight. Oleksandr Uysk fought the better boxing match, and he also fought the better fight'.

    The statistics of the fight show that Uysk out landed Tyson Fury, and his defensive capabilities were superior 'Uysk fought the better boxing match'. Uysk also inflicted the most damage in the fight, and was more aggressive with his tactics 'Therefore Uysk also fought the better fight'.

    I have watched back the fight, and I actually think Oleksandr Uysk fought a better fight skill for skill twice back to back vs Anthony Joshua 'Joshua's boxing was more consistent than Fury's, but at times Fury's was better'.

    But this is also what I anticipated before the fight 'I stated that if the fight, turns into a drawn out battle. Over the distance Fury will produce way more technical mistakes and unforced errors than Joshua'.

    In round 8 to 9 in both fights vs Fury and Joshua 'This is the point in the fight, were Uysk's best attribute in his endurance begins to have a accumulative effect on his opponents. Joshua just like Fury, may have lost touch with Uysk, but in my opinion in both of his fights especially the second fight he manged Uysk's pace and pressure better than Fury'.

    Fury in those stages of the fight, just as I anticipated started to make technical mistakes and produced unforced errors 'Joshua in comparison, kept a solid fundamental game, his technique did not dissipate to the same level as Fury's'.

    This is a trait that Tyson Fury has always had as a fighter, even in his best fight ever against Wladimir Kiltschko 'In those latter rounds, once Kiltschko began to apply pressure. You can see how Fury's fundamental game and technique, begins to not look so great. Fury was to his credit putting in a great effort vs Kiltschko in the last round but? He was also technically all over the place'.

    I believe Oleksandr Uysk and his team perceptually detected this 'And that was why their tactics were to pressure Tyson Fury, more than what certain people where anticipating'.

    There has been a lot of intimidation, and narratives pushed by the media 'Regarding Tyson Fury's inside game'. To the point were people just accepted that, Uysk will not be able to pressure Fury 'I think that Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Uysk showed that Fury's inside game is overrated'.

    It is overrated in terms of sophistication and skill 'Against Deontay Wilder it looked great. But against Oleksandr Uysk, Fury ether could not apply his inside game to a great extent or did not want to. Because Oleksandr Uysk had the ability to detect and inflict damage whenever Tyson Fury made a technical mistake or produced unforced errors on the inside in a way Deontay Wilder could not'.

    To conclude: Tyson Fury still fought a great fight skill for skill, I rate it potentially as his 3rd best performance ever from a pure competitors perspective 'And the action produced'. But Oleksandr Uysk was the better fighter in terms of the boxing match, and the fight. Without a shadow of a doubt Oleksandr Uysk won the fight' etc.

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