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Comments Thread For: Hearn Says Referee Nelson Made The Right Play In Usyk-Fury Battle

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    Originally posted by Boro View Post
    Usyk would of got the same treatment, he's been wobbled but never seen him hurt hurt it would be absurd to stop him or Fury just because they're reeling a bit.

    Especially in arguably the biggest fight in the 2000s thus far.
    Ok, don't stop the fight; just let Usyk cook.


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      In all honesty? I believe in Championship fights 'A fight must continue until one fighter is unable to get up for the count of 10. Or They are not defending themselves and invading punches while under a sustained Heavy attack'.

      Tyson Fury was being beaten up, but you could still see that he was 'Trying his upmost best to survive, no matter how futile'.

      When Deontay Wilder was stopped vs Tyson Fury in their second fight 'Wilder at no point in that fight, stopped trying to win. That was why I always had a issue with that stoppage, and have never regarded that win as a legitimate Tyson Fury knock-out. The stoppage was manufactured'.

      From a perception of compassion I understand why Deontay Wilder was pulled out by his corner, but in reality? In my opinion you do not pull out a power puncher like Deontay Wilder 'When he is still in the fight, and trying to win. No matter how futile his efforts appear, Wilder was trying to find a way to win'.

      Note: I actually believe the standing 8 count was acceptable refereeing, because it prolonged the fight 'And gave Fury a chance to recover'. Oleksandr Uysk really should of been able to at least build upon his attacks and hurt Fury even more, in that moment when Uysk had Fury hurt? Uysk's lack of destructive offensive capabilities was evident.

      Just imagine if a peak David Haye would of hurt Tyson Fury to that extent 'Fury is ether being taken out of the fight with the next few punches, or at the least decked badly once again'.​

      The refereeing in the Fury vs Uysk fight was actually of a very high standard 'Because Fury was given every single opportunity to leave it all in the ring. That is the type of fighter Fury is, and he was able to show that level of effort'.

      Once upon a time boxers used to fight under the 'London Prize Fighting rules 1838' which consisted of a potential unlimited number of rounds that could be fought during the fight.

      During those fighting era's, fighters and people knew unequivocally who the victor of the fight was 'Because the only way a fighter could win and be declared, is if one opponent was unable ether get up off the deck and return to the centre scratch line of the ring.

      Even when the 'Marquess Of Queensberry Rules 1867' were introduced into boxing, the most amount of rounds that a fight could last was 45 rounds 'Fighters would be fighting for a duration of over 2 hours potentially'.

      The reality of boxing as a sport 'Is that fighters train to go into competitive battle'. Battles are only won, when one competitor, opponent or the adversaries come to the decision to not fight on or they can no longer compete. That is the only way a battle will reach its organic conclusion.

      The refereeing during Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Uysk match up 'Was great refereeing, because it allowed the fight to reach a more organic conclusion 'Which was more true to the innate nature of the sport and boxing history' etc.