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Comments Thread For: 'Tortured' Tyson Fury Ready For Usyk To Bring Him A Sense Of Peace

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    Fame is a very big price to pay, especially when they also think you've got many millions.

    I don't think Fury will have to worry about as much attention when retired. I'd be surprised if he has more than two or three fights.

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      It is hard to say with Fury. When everyone assumes he will win he often under-achieves, v Christian Hammer, Otto Wallin, Deontay (III), Ngannou, but, up til now, when put in a competitive bout v Chisora (first time), Klitschko, v Deontay (I & II) he has always delivered. IDK about this one.


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        Originally posted by Smash View Post

        im the same, i would be just sitting in the jet thinking about the ozone layer
        Id be worried the pilot is on drugs from a bad breakup and is suicidal.
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          Originally posted by Csar View Post
          I just hope Tyson Fury’s test results dont pop before the fight or else the fight gets cancelled.
          that mofo took some strong stuff to lose that much weight in a short period of time.
          So almost 8 months since his last fight is a short period of time. 5 months of delay is a short period of time. People are just commenting whatever nowadays


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            Putting some on Usyk winnin by Ko