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    I don't even think fury has the skills to be competitive in this one , this is like a english football club in the Champions league , high expectations but in reality they don't belong on that level, if fury does happen to make it in the ring the only chance he has is a punchers chance , with a luck one punch ko , fury is a fat oversized slob , and I don't think he has the tools to be a great fighter or champion, maybe a amateur champion is all , won a title and hide away from hungry fighters , I look forward to the second time in 8 moths for fury to lose all his nut huggers


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      Originally posted by Gary G. View Post
      "What Price The Draw When Fury And Usyk Collide?"
      - What does this mean in English??????

      You should ask a Nigerian


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        If judges had a big red button and a big blue button corresponding to each boxer that they then pushed when scoring a point and the camera registered it on a live screen.

        Then at the end a simple A.I tally up would show the winner and any chicanery in replays when a judge pushed a button wrongly or inadvertently.

        Its not fücking rocket surgery eh !


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          Originally posted by Clegg

          An English team has won 3 of the last 5 CLs.
          U can also say 3 of the last 11, they get lucky sometimes but, COVID messed everything, normally they are overhyped like fury, people keep going on how they are the best which in reality they are far from it Spanish and German are the best clubs