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Comments Thread For: Garcia's Behavior Slaps Potential Haney Win With An Asterisk In Advance

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  • Comments Thread For: Garcia's Behavior Slaps Potential Haney Win With An Asterisk In Advance

    Opinions vary on whether and to what degree Ryan Garcia's mental health is compromised heading into Saturday night's fight against Devin Haney. Some feel he's putting the "act" in "acting out" and take him and promoter Oscar De La Hoya at their words when they say it's all designed to hype the fight. Some feel he's in a full-blown mental health crisis and should not be stepping into the ring this weekend. Others fall at various points in between.
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    Boxers say crazy shet.

    But what did Garcia say that has every writer penning the same " mental health concerns " story ?

    Was it the whole " Bohemian Grove " thing ?


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      If he loses he loses. And he prob will. There's no asterisk. You can't get Garcia from 3yrs ago to fight now, just like you don't get Lomachenko from 3 years ago. These idealist matchups never quite happen; everybody is passing eachother at different points and stages in their developments.

      Sure we got Crawford and Spence, years after we wanted it. And Spence may not have been the same animal as before. All we know is that he lost dramatically. That just has to be good enough, cuz it's all we're gonna get.

      Everything else is hypothetical.


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        Garcia is not a great fighter, he is a popular one. No real boxing journalist or hardcore fan is picking him to win. He will always have a chance to win because boxing is the theater of the unknown.

        It is coming to a point that any of those two fighters win you have to continue to hear all the nonsense they say. One is worse than the other because his father talks a lot of smack too.


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          it's more of an accomplishment than what Tank did. weight drained and everything else..


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            That boy Ryan Garcia needs to be medicated. Simple as that.

            Never recovered from the Davis stoppage and his mental health is deteriorating in front of your eyes. New York Commission should be ashamed for letting this farce happen. Mind you the boy isn't even a titlist. Time to call the Haneys and De La Hoya out for the abomidable cherry pick this is.
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              I heard Fauci invented the corona virus , I had know idea he created Aids also.


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                Yes, just by observing Ryan's behavior; One could easily tell that he is not well and mentally unfit for this fight. Moreover self-medicating with *******, dope and alcohol is only matters worse for him.

                He could use a good intervention right about now. Where are his parents? His behavior is both erratic and aberrant. The kid needs professional help ASAP.​


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                  Hilarious. If they go by the boxers behaviors, 90% of fights wouldn't happen.


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                    Wait- if Ryan loses it doesn’t count because of the way he tried to garner interest in the fight.