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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder Remains Hopeful Of Landing Anthony Joshua Showdown After 'Knocking Zhang's Head Off'

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    Originally posted by mjh1969 View Post
    I don't see Wilder knocking out Zhang. In fact I have Zhang winning by KO within 5 rounds. Wilder has become very predictable. Everyone in boxing knows that Wilder's windmill right hand will be coming at some point. He doesn't set it up with body punches. Occasionally, Wilder may start things off with a lazy jab but due to his lack of boxing skills, I think Zhang's team will be ready for the predictable Wilder. Also Wilder isn't exactly known for his defense either, so I see him taking shots. When he gets hit with one or two or three of Zhang's shots then he will go bye bye.
    Everyone has known that for a longggg time, it didn't prevent Fury from getting knocked down 4 times.
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      Haven’t seen any good reason to think Wilder listless performance vs Parker was a fluke. This appears where he is at. Zhang all the way.


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        Originally posted by juggernaut666 View Post

        I see you want to get banned again for spamming the forum ?

        mods clean it up ythis guy don’t know when to say when . It’s a boxing forum this is jargon not related to anything with no subject matter .
        You mean exactly like this?

        How about a 'Bare-Knuckle Boxing' forum? Is anybody else on here a fan? - Boxing Forum (

        Originally posted by W1LL
        There's a BKFC show on YT for free tonight and it's a decent card, some good matchmaking. We could do with somewhere to talk about it. I nominate MoonCheese as the Mod. This Yankie Doodle fooker was making long-ass, TLDR posts about the Police Gazette title before I even knew what it is.
        Originally posted by Marchegiano
        I'm going to blow up said section with a wealth of BK information regardless of who is the mod, but yeah, in general I do agree with the idea a mod should be knowledgeable of the subject.

        If not me then W1LL or maybe Willow if he's up to it.
        Originally posted by juggernaut666

        I think I’ll offer you a fight 10K in a bare knuckle fight ? You want to know more about it why dint I show you personally ? 10K , well live stream it here on the forum ,so we won’t need be Athletic commission to sanction it ? Your one of the guys on here if id love to get my hands on . Lol

        Originally posted by Marchegiano

        I'd do it for free.

        Are you challenging me to a ***** contest now? Who can provoke the other then run to a mod quickest? Good call, you'll win that. Then I'll make a new account and make fun of your very clearly exposed bitchitude.

        Bro, you were just some stupid guy who give me **** from time to time this disappeared every single time I slapped back. Now you're a pu$$y that can't even handle running away anymore. Now you run to someone else **** bro, I could not have embarrassed your stupid ass more with words. Impossible for me to insult you so well you're equally embarrassing as a **** who picks a fight out of nowhere for no reason then cries to mods

        SHOULD anyone give a ****, which I doubt, they can see I hadn't said **** to you for months prior, and when I had I was encouraging your stupid ass BKFC lies while everyone else just called you out for the liar you are. You're so ****ing dumb bro.
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          After both of their last fights, which I thought they’d both easily win, I don’t know who will win between Wilder and Zhang. However, at this point, I don’t really care if the AJ/Wilder fight gets made. It doesn’t mean much anymore.


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            Originally posted by chicken- View Post

            Everyone has known that for a longggg time, it didn't prevent Fury from getting knocked down 4 times.
            4 times in 3 fights and fury isnt the hardest guy to knock down: Cunningham, petkovic, ngannou etc...guess they are the biggest punchers in boxing history too
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              This fight is just a way for Fish Eyes and The Worm to further protect their cash cows - by having Zhang and Wilder beat each other up to create some more age, wear, and tear.

              Look who Fury and Joshua have been fighting lately. No threats to the odometer of any kind.


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                Wilder and Malik have as much explosiveness as a wet firecracker


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                  The thing about Wilder and Zhang is that they're not far apart in age. Wilder has had some tough fights of late, where he has been hurt and stopped. Zhang is in better shape in that regard and may put a hurting on Deontay. They are both motivated as this is a do-or-die fight for each man. Zhang embarrasses and retires Wilder in 8


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                    Originally posted by juggernaut666 View Post

                    They don’t ask Warren about match making in mixed events they ask Hearn first that’s there global partner platform so none of that really makes sense . Hearn is the global promoter, Warren isn’t close to his expertise on a global scale Hearn knows the crunch numbers ,the fighters and overly the business much more despite Warren over 40 year’s experience he hasn’t become a global promoter ever .

                    Hearn wants the Wilder fight both are under DAZN banner , Warren wouldn’t have much input on Joshua fights his only real pull is Fury over there . If Fury wins the Joshua fight will depend on Usyk side step money not anything else the Saudis offer him .
                    Then why is DD fighting Hrgović instead of AJ?


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                      AJs next fight is extremely likely against the Dubois /Hirgovoc winner for the IBF at Wembly stadium for Saudi money pros with another 5v5 card