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Comments Thread For: Marc Ramsey: They Were Waiting For Beterbiev To Get Old, But He Just Gets Better

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  • Comments Thread For: Marc Ramsey: They Were Waiting For Beterbiev To Get Old, But He Just Gets Better

    Marc Ramsey, trainer of unified light heavyweight champion Artur Beterbiev, says his fighter is not frustrated by the amount of time it took to make his clash with countryman and fellow belt-holder Dmitrii Bivol. Instead, he is just focused on the task ahead.
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    So maybe Marc can point out the numerous times they demanded a unification fight because I don’t see it reported anywhere.

    What I do recall is Arum on multiple occasions dismissing the fight. I do recall Hearn calling for a unification after Canelo declined the immediate Bivol rematch. I do recall Beterbiev asked, in ring, after squashing Smith Jr, whether he wanted Yarde instead of unification and Artur said belts but he signed to fight Yarde anyway, then got injured, pushing the fight to January, further aging himself. WTF?

    This notion that Bivol is the sole reason that this fight hasn’t happened sooner is pure BS.


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      He does.

      At this rate Bertebiev will be the first fighter still to be in his absoloute prime into his 40s

      Its remarkable.


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        No one keeps getting better.

        That said 36mins is a long time for Bivol to be in there with Beterbiev & so far no one has made it 36mins with him. Sh^t only 1 guy has made it 30+mins with him.


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          Not just that.
          Ha also does his SC training in Russia. You know, cuz Canada doesn't have any proper SC training environment.


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            We shall either see better Biev or older Biev.


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              Bro is bluff. Arum and the WBC has insisted for the past few years that they wouldn't fight Bivol.


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                Beterbiev just got enrolled to Bivol Boxing clinic.


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                  In before the PED accusations...

                  I didn't think he was better vs Smith. Smith had some good success when he actually opened up and put Beterbiev on the back foot. If he had the gas tank to keep up higher volume and not just retreat to the ropes and try to rest, which is when Beterbiev does all his work, he might have done better. Part of why Benavidez looks like he has a chance IMO, although Beterbiev has good counters. Didn't see much of those vs Smith though, likely because he didn't need to. Just rested while Smith was trying to attack, then followed Smith as he put his own a$$ on the ropes and then beat on him. Was an absolutely garbage gameplan from Mundo.