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Comments Thread For: Official Criticizes 'Ridiculous' Fight Between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson

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    Originally posted by takenotes View Post
    Can someone explain to me why Paul does not just rematch Fury?
    I think it was you I quoted, but Fury has/had a 20M offer for a rematch with a potential MMA trilogy if Paul won, with PPV %. . Paul is tied to PFL and I believe owes them at least 1 fight

    Maybe Paul & Nikisa are blowing smoke, but Fury came out a couple days ago and said he wants the rematch, but isn’t fighting for the next 6 months

    edit: the 20 million is for the rematch & MMA trilogy + PPV%, his guarantee for boxing rematch solely is likely much lower and could be the issue, but Fury isn’t making more trying to pursue the world title he says he wants …
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      Can boxing quit acting like it doesn't do sh^t for money or has any integrity at the highest levels so reallllllllllllly has no ground to stand on to dog damn near any fight esp one that'll get a lot of casual attention & make ppl a lot of money. Just sftu & quit getting it more headlines by talking about it if you think its ******.


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        Originally posted by takenotes View Post
        Can someone explain to me why Paul does not just rematch Fury?
        Probably not entirely sure he'll beat him yet.

        I also think hes trying to line up a boxing rematch & a trilogy cage fight in the PFL back to back. Ik besides Nate Diaz the primary name being discussed for Jake's mma debut is Tommy. And in all honesty making his mma debut with another guy making his own mma debut with some name value is probably the ideal move for max casual attention by fans + chance to win.


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          Originally posted by Casualfanboy View Post
          This just in- “British Reveal Sanctimonious Self Righteous Opinions “
          It's not like he's the only one criticising it - plenty of criticism coming from inside the USA.

          So you think it's a good idea?


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            It'll probably be the biggest fight, commercially speaking, of this year. Which ****ing sucks.

            Hopefully Mike takes this little ****s head off at least. That'd be one upside. Nobody needs to have the visual image of Mike losing to Jake Paul even if he is nearly 60.


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              It's an exhibition fight with head gear, 18 oz gloves, and I think a big ring. Jake Paul will protect himself. Anyway, this "fight" is fine with me, it is not a pro fight, not even amateur, just an exhibition. Good payday for everyone involved, and might even bring some people to actually watch real boxing later on.


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                What’s age got to do with it?

                B-Hop was fighting in his 50’s against 30-year olds. What’s different?