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Comments Thread For: Liam Davies Will Push To Have Future World Title Fight in Telford

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  • Comments Thread For: Liam Davies Will Push To Have Future World Title Fight in Telford

    European super bantamweight champion, Liam Davies, was determined not to box more than four rounds this year. Having stopped the respected Jason Cunningham inside a round in a July grudge match, the confident 27 year old insisted that his European title defence against Vincenzo La Femina would be over and done with inside three rounds.
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    TJ Doheny would be a good step up IMO.


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      that fight was one of the highlight fights of the past 8 days. yep enjoyed it that is the thing with me -- you dont have to have big hype and people buzzing about a fight to catch my attention. All that is needed is good match ups, and plenty of fights a lot of fights with easy access to those fights. Boxing is no dif then any other sport, put out a decent match up and make it easy to find on the TV dial and not cost a trip to the grocery store to view it and people will watch.....
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        I remember the good old days. Anywhere, anytime. Now it's wa wa wa, I want to fight at home, I miss my Nana.


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          Where does Davies get this sense of entitlement? He has 15 fights and his best win is Jason Cunningham. How about facing a real world class opponent before talking about a title fight? Davies would get murdered by Inoue.


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            With Inoue sitting comfortably @ #1 any talk of World title fight's at this stage is pure piffle & should be treated with contempt. With names like Dennis McCann, Lee McGregor & Shabaz Massoud there's enough domestic contests out there to keep LD busy for at least the next 12 months!!........


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              "I just said to Frank [Warren, his promoter] that the last great super bantamweight champion was Carl Frampton. Next up is Liam Davies. Trust me."

              I know it is lip service but what about the guy that is as close to being guaranteed to go unify 122 next month lol? Hell, even Tapales has way more notable accomplishments than him.

              Only way Davies is getting a crack at a world title is to wait until Inoue vacates them in 2025, or manage to take out either MJ or Sam Goodman, then perhaps KO Casimero in an good manner to get Inoue's attention.

              Nery was already declared a mandatory for the undisputed winner and also happens to be on Inoue's hitlist, so Inoue's next two fights are probably Tapales and Nery perhaps next April or May.