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Comments Thread For: Jake Paul Slams KSI: The Only Thing That Got Robbed is His Hairline!

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  • Comments Thread For: Jake Paul Slams KSI: The Only Thing That Got Robbed is His Hairline!

    Jake Paul was ringside in Manchester, as he watched fellow social media star, KSI, lose a six round majority decision to unbeaten light heavyweight prospect Tommy Fury.
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      Jake Paul insulting someone else’s receding hair ?
      look in the mirror
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        Please, this isn't bn24, or is it becoming bn24?

        Stop, please stop posting articles on this abomination that bares absolutely no resemblance to the sport of boxing I'm gradually falling out of love with.

        This is due to unskilled entertainment shows like this being given gravitas & legitimised by such articles.

        Just ignore it.


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          Lol he can't exactly say anything.


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            Coming soon, Andy King vs The Bearded Butcher, big news and bigger PPV!

            Context: Andy the influencer thinks nothing of tipping over the robot coolers that deliver stuff. Behind closed doors he'll pull his pants down and flashes a Glock when things get crazy. The Bearded Butcher is big, people say he's juicing but I think he's big because he's in the cooler beating the hell out of sides of beef like Rocky.

            Mauricio Sulaiman claims people don't know Andy because nobody wants to fight him, they just kinda kick him when he's making his ****** videos. As usual Eddie Hearn thinks it's all good for the sport, said something like "this isn't just two girls truck camping in the desert". I have no idea WTF he's talking about but it sounds dope.....make it happen.
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              The paul brothers already had hair transplants in their mid 20s


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                Atleast it will forw back or even grow at all! Go away freak boy, go play on you tube or with a stick of dynamite somewhere away from others.


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                  Lmao that's pretty damn funny tbf and he's not wrong


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                    logaine already had atleast 1 transplant in his mid 20s