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Comments Thread For: Joshua: If Fury is Doing 70-30 Split For Undisputed Fight - Imagine What He'll Offer Me!

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    Originally posted by LAchargers373 View Post

    lmao. He’s a ducker how so? You think beating AJ who’s been knocked out by Andy ruiz and twice beaten by a guy who arguably lost to maris bredis( just got schooled by jai opetia who fought with a broken arm)? I’m so utterly confused by the fury haters lol. Usyk isn’t a fighter that anyone in the HW division is ducking. No one at cruiserweight even ducked this guy rofl. Gassiev came up to HW trying to get a rematch. Dude also lost to Del Boy to anyone with eyes so keep detracting fury’s wins over chisora but both his wins over chisora are more impressive than any win in usyks career
    I like Fury, he's one of my favorite fighters.

    Usyk's P4P #1 on many lists and NO he didn't lost to Del Boy and that was right after he moved up to HW. That would be a totally different fight today.

    Aj's a 2x HW champion & yes he lost to Ruiz, but that doesn't mean he's not dangerous.

    And no Usyk didn't lost to Breidis.

    You sound like more of a Usyk hater than I am a Fury hater.

    Your sir, are in the minority with your opinions