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Comments Thread For: David Benavidez: I Respect Canelo, But He Has To Give Me That Shot Now

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    Originally posted by JakeTheBoxer View Post

    Stop with excuses.

    Canelo has all the belts at 168. If he wants to keep them, he must fight the highest ranked contender and that is Benavidez.

    And nobody gives a about Canelo losing to Bivol again.
    Take the time to read before replying with nonsense. I laid out the ducking strategy. This isn't TikTok, if you can;t read, please don't reply.

    My views on Bivol facing Canelo are on here for the record and my views on the brutal beating if he goes for the rematch are there as well.

    It's Monday morning, I'll be nice. Now move along.


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      Originally posted by Goatintheboat View Post

      He's mandatory but he also beat Smith really so should have already fought Canelo. Smith went the distance with Canelo which Plant didn't and Benavidez couldn't get him out of there. See how this works.

      Canelo knows Benavidez has the potential to provide him with a huge fight which is what he is after and last night's effort will help a lot with that but now is the time to use that momentum and fight another of the names and win and make the call for the fight so loud it can't be ignored.

      Or he can continue to moan and whine and still fight Canelo anyway next year.

      Up to Benavidez and PBC
      Benavidez has been his mandatory for 2 fights before this one, just stop covering up the fact that Cinnabon doesn't want that type of work, especially in his own division against a fighter that wants to embarrass him and has all the tools to do it. The sanctioning bodies won't mandate Canelo to fight Benavidez or anyone else unless he asks for the fight. The Ryder fight wasn't mandated, it was who Cinnabon and Hearn chose from the fighters in a mandatory position. Now, since Benavidez won, watch which mandatory fights are mandated to block the fight Canelo doesn't want.


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        Originally posted by DougalDylan View Post

        What planet do you live on. Based on what?? What's he done .. I have his record .. nothing. The few solid wins on his resume either Canelo's beat better or someone Canelo has already beat has beat better, On boxrec before Plant his best wins were 4/5 max and only a couple of them.

        Why didn't he beat an unbeaten Plant earlier ??? before Canelo got to him and wrecked him. Give us something to make us believe he has a chance .. anything.
        If we all went by that twisted logic, then no one that doesn't have the resume of Cinnabon stands a chance, so just let him keep choosing who he feels like fighting? Bivol didn't have a resume close to Ginger's and right on par with Benavidez 's, but he put a deliberate beating and schooling on Cinnabon, the guy no one stands a chance against. Do better.


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          Canelo doesn't seem scared of anyone, but after seeing him in an interview on Monday after the Plant fight, his body language said he doesn't want the smoke that Benavidez brings. Canelo would probably win on points, but it's slugfest bouts like that which can shorten a fighter's career by a year or three. Other than a Bivol rematch, I don't see Canelo taking any high risk fights from here on in.