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I only see a David KO victory

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  • I only see a David KO victory

    I’m very confident in this result

    Plant always tires and when he does he gets hit clean and often

    Benavidez will grid him down and KO him late

    Easy money
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    I tend to see it that way but I'm not absolutely sure. I could see this fight playing out in many different ways. Benevidez looks more fit than he ever has. I'm sure his plan has to be to force Plant to expend energy so that he gets tired and the knock out eventually happens. If Plant is really sharp and his stamina has improved this could be a very difficult fight for Benevidez. I could see either guy winning by decision or a KO for Benevidez but we can't count out Plant getting the KO. Benevidez seems to have a really good beard though.


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      - - Bena gonna plant Plant in some farmer's turnip field...only in boxing, folks...


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        Obviously in boxing there is always a chance a big shot lands, even from somebody not considered a big puncher. Like Rosado taking out Bek even when outgunned in every department. ​But yeah it doesn't seem likely, it's one of those fights where the underdog will need to show qualities they don't seem to have in order to pull off the upset.