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Comments Thread For: Anthony Joshua-Jermaine Franklin Finalized For April 1 At O2 Arena In London

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  • Comments Thread For: Anthony Joshua-Jermaine Franklin Finalized For April 1 At O2 Arena In London

    Jermaine Franklin has secured another opportunity to try to ruin Dillian Whyte's plans. has confirmed that Franklin and former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua have agreed to terms for an April 1 bout at O2 Arena in London. The Daily Mail, a London tabloid, first reported that the Joshua-Franklin fight is set.
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    I thought Eddie claim he'll fight a top 15. Franklin is not even top 15 in any of the rankings. Wba wbc ibf wbo ring. 0 have him in their top 15. Wonder if any reporter will ask him a question on that


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      Ultra-safe matchmaking. Mismatch.


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        This was the plan, even b4 Whyte vs. Franklin! They expected Franklin to win, but he did enough to get the fight. I'll give Joshua a pass because he's coming off back-to-back losses. However, after this, has to be Top 5, a legit threat! Wilder, Joyce, DuBois, Hrgovic, or Fury!


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          Stylistically skill for skill, Franklin has no real carry over for fights against Fury or Usyk.

          So it is clear that Franklin has been picked, because Joshua's team want him to blast this guy out 'And gain some momentum'.

          Therefore, the aim for Joshua should be to blast this guy out. Not out box him, or play a semi-violent game of tick.

          Beat him up, break him down and stop him inside 6-8 rounds etc.

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            Hearn is really doing Joshua a disservice of feeding him a low tier fighter that has nothing in his repertoire that will allow AJ to improve or work on his technical goals for future fights like Fury, Wilder, Joyce, or Usyk. Fast Eddie is more concerned with continuing to inflate his pockets and the public perception of his main heavyweight draw with KOs over futile opposition. Its also a terrible idea to stay inactive for over 8 months after a loss with limited damage, it can't be good psychologically for Joshua to sit an mull over something he can only change by getting back in the ring.
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              I like this fight. And no, Joshua is not going to just blow him out, even with Derek James in his corner. Jermaine, as soon as u touch gloves, throw a whistling right hand to his jaw and knock him out. He's almost filled to the top with doubt right now. You can go ahead and fill him up to the brim. Jump on him. Start fast and crack him in his God...mned jaw
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                AJ needs a fight like this. if fact he needs two or 3 fights like this. Skill is not the problem. He has not recoved from the KO to Ruiz. The problem is in his head. AJ has loss 3 of his last 4 fights. He needs to stay busy. An easy fight every other month. This will keep him sharp. Until such time he is ready to take on the big boys.
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                  Franklin is a Michigan guy, from a very humble upbringing, and it’s nice that he’s set himself and his family up for life. Most guys who go pro with Franklin’s pedigree and backing end up broke with brain injuries.

                  As far as the opponent, it’s a no risker since he’s not a puncher and isn’t a rangy guy, so AJ will be able to keep him on the outside and bombs away. Good style matchup for AJ.


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                    I'm no fan of Joshua but people need to chill out and give him a little slack talking about he should go straight into the Wilder fight among other nonsense this guy just had 2 losses in a row and his mentality wasn't even right before those fights. I think Joshua should be allowed to regroup on some average tier boxers then come back 100% again. I wouldn't want a fight between Joshua and one of the top names because Joshua isn't 100% and it will be used as ammo for the haters "Wilder/Fury picked Joshua when he was weak and not himself" blahblah.

                    I'm not mad at Joshua especially considering Whyte 2 was first floated around which would have people bitching "didn't this journeyman just get beat by Franklin"
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