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  • A.B Counterhooks
    22 wasnt bad but keen 23 will be much better

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  • wildman
    What makes anyone believe that Garcia vs Davis is really going to happen?

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  • TreD
    Let's see:

    Conor Benn was caught using PED'S

    Multiple boxers died from injuries in the ring (one man so incognizant that he swung on a ghost)

    Don King was sued, AGAIN
    Tyson Fury retired 12 times, after fleeing the US because of his affiliations - that have him not returning to the US for awhile

    Loma went to war, probably sacrificing the last stretch-run of his greatness

    Ryan Garcia, Teo, Haney, and Tank didn't fight each other.

    Usyk, also went to War- and didn't have the option to defend his Heavyweight titles at home

    PBC, Matchroom, DAZN, and Top Rank didn't pull together to make the best fights

    The WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO are in cahoots with managers to give men titles and title shots they have not earned in the ring

    Earnie Shavers died

    GGG vs Canelo III was terrible (I paid for that fight, smh)

    Gary Russell Sr. died

    Bivol was nearly robbed against Canelo (7-5, really????)

    Boxers are record padding, going 15-0, getting fights on ESPN and getting embarrassed (i.e. Michael Carter Williams Boy Wonder 150%)

    And I have yet to find anyone remotely close to me who is willing to just come to a fight with me so if I go in a coma someone can drive my car home and call my wife (which has resulted in at least five fight contracts falling through).

    This year had made me question if I even want to pursue my goals in this sport. While there has been some entertaining fights, the sport is filled with boring punching bags, and crooked managers, promoters, referees, judges, and commentators. Boxing is what it's always been: dirty, full of lies and false promises, and the occasional upset that no one can do anything about.

    I hope 2023 presents me the opportunity to be the latter.

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  • Lefty0616
    This boxing year was symbolic of a society that's still trying to find its way post pandemic. There was definitely something missing in 2022. Next year should be a scorcher for boxing fans.

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  • Ghost Jab
    I am thankful for boxing because it has helped me to stay in shape and has given me a way to relieve stress. I have also met some great people at the boxing gym as well.
    I am thankful for watching boxing because it is a sport that requires a great deal of skill and discipline which I can appreciate when I see how hard the fighters work for their credit, and it encourages me about life as well. Boxing is even mentioned as a metaphor for living a moderated and upstanding life in the Bible as well. Boxing is exciting to watch, chock full of rich tradition, meaning, and stories that can connect us to the past and be improved upon by the future, for the future, and to the future.
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  • RJJ-94-02=GOAT
    What nonsense. It’s been a terrible year. The worst I can remember in the last decade.

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  • Comments Thread For: Giving Thanks For in Boxing in 2022

    By Cliff Rold - Boxing has had a hell of a year in 2022 even with what didn't happen. No, we aren't getting Errol Spence-Terence Crawford this year and maybe not ever. Tank Davis-Ryan Garcia will happen in 2023 if interim opponents don't derail it. Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua in December never felt realistic.
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