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Comments Thread For: Lucas Browne Bashes BBBofC After Proposed Daniel Dubois Clash Rejected

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  • Comments Thread For: Lucas Browne Bashes BBBofC After Proposed Daniel Dubois Clash Rejected

    Lucas Browne is at an age where most fighters are either retired or well on their way out the sport. A harsh decision made on his latest proposed fight could push him in that direction. The 43-year-old Australian heavyweight was tabbed to next face secondary WBA heavyweight titlist Daniel Dubois in a
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    People will just start fighting elsewhere. That's what they do in the US when the commissions tell them no, they go somewhere else. When are they gonna tell shot fighters like Whyte that he can't fight either? 2 knockout losses in 3 fights.


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      Arbitrary nonsense from BBB of C. Back your decision w/hard evidence, e.g., brain scan, not hitherto unwritten retirement ages. Would put a LOT of dough down on them never refusing the sanction of any George Foreman fight.


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        So we were supposed to get Dubois vs Whyte, and nearly ended up with Dubois vs Browne?

        F*** boxing
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          No Right to Deny Happiness (2006)

          Take this bum Daniel Dubois to purse-bid 'Big-Daddy'! Fight Lucas Browne or vacate!


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            Unfair decision sion by bbbc as regards the age factor - but good decision as, hopefully, we don't have to watch Browne get massacred.


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              Fa was supposed to paste Browne all over Melbourne this seems weird.

              Also can someone help me out "shoulder was tapped" are they suggesting he was on something?


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                I wonder if he could sue them for age discrimination, especially if there's nothing in their rule book or no past precedent.

                And I would expect him (Browne) to easily lose to Dubois, but that's not the point because I've seen Frazer Clarke go in with some very poor opponents that could've been seriously injured.
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                  You tell'em, Big Daddy!

                  Dubois shook!

                  He don't want that Lucas smoke!!
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                    Hahaha! Lucas Browne back in the WBA regular title picture? Thought they were going to end this secondary title BS. Keeping it at HW still. Browne destroying Fa was pretty surprising but let’s not forget he got stopped in 3 rounds by a David Allen body shot & got dropped & barely beat Kamil Sokolowski a few years back. He also lost to a rugby player I believe… That win over Fa was huge for his ranking. Just waiting for the final eliminator with Fres Oquendo…